SD vs. Raw 2011 Lord of Darkness Edition, WWE Heroes Update

– are selling a special “Lord of Darkness” edition of upcoming WWE video game Smackdown vs Raw 2011. You get the Ministry of Darkness Undertaker in-game costume, WWE Unforgiven 2007 on DVD and an Undertaker art card.

– Press Release:
WWE Heroes: Rise of the Firstborn Six Issue Collection…
WWE Heroes is a collection of comic strips featuring Wrestling’s biggest superstars, including Triple H, Batista, John Cena, The Undertaker, the WWE Divas and many, many more. These never-before-collected stories star the WWE’s larger-than-life characters as they take on all-comers, inside and outside of the squared-circle, in a specially created universe of their very own.

Since the dawn of time the powers of good and evil have been locked in unending battle and the firstborn children of light and darkness have been reincarnated time and again. In each new generation these children are amongst the mightiest warriors of the age, one destined to protect and the other destined to destroy. Now, in the present day, where else would these champions be found than within the ranks of the WWE? Battle lines will be drawn as the best (and worst) in sports entertainment fight for the biggest prize of all… the future of the human race!

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