Sean Waltman Reveals His Favorite Match At AEW Double Or Nothing

Thanks to Sean “X-Pac” Waltman’s podcast for sending along the following recap:

Sean Waltman on why Cody vs. Dustin was his Match Of The Night:

“It was the best match of the night. Nothing against {anyone} Because when you say that, some people go ‘that’s a put down on other matches’- because there were great matches. I mean arguably, one of the best pay-per-views, some people say ever. From their minds, just because of the significance of it all. And that was the best match of the show. If you go by the crowd reaction, and the sustained heat from beginning to end… there’s great matches to where the people are going f****en ape shit and there’s parts of the match where they are dead f****en quiet until they get them going again. Even some of the really great matches that have been talked about recently, you’ll find quiet spots in those matches that ideally you don’t want to have. And this match didn’t have that. People were crazy the whole way through from what I can tell. It was so great, just I mean you know when I talk about the really important stuff is not the moves it’s the stuff in between the moves and that’s all the shit that they did here. The stuff they did in between the moves was brilliant. It was just so great. I am so happy for both of those guys but Dustin especially. Because Dustin, he’s admittedly been very open about his struggles and all that. And a lot of that has to do with self-image and not thinking as high enough about yourself as you should. So when I see him go out there and do that and everyone piling praise on him for it; that he deserves it, just makes me really happy for him.”

Waltman comments on Bret Hart’s appearance and MJF’s interactions with him:

“It was a good surprise, they picked a really good person for that. And the belt was great looking… I just like that it wasn’t the conventional design. A lot of the belt designs they have a similar look to them. And everything about it, I thought it had a really really classy {look}, it was beautiful. I really enjoyed that segment too. I think MJF is great. I think he was 17 or 18 when I first met him and I was just like, ‘ Yeah, just keep on doing what you’re doing.’… One of the things I was amused by, that was neat for me, was watching how amused Bret was out there listening to MJF. All of it, I can see him kinda smiling, I can tell he was genuinely having a good time out there.”