Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman Speaks Out About The Fan That Attacked Bret Hart

During his recent podcast, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman commented on the fan attacking Bret Hart during the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony…

Reaction to the attack: “That guy that jumped [Hart], he got the sh** pounded out of him. And did you see his face? I hope the rest of his body looked like that too. I am not usually one for ‘f–k that guy up’ but nah, f–k that guy up. If you have a problem with that, I don’t care. In this particular instance, I make exceptions. That’s Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart and that f’n moron jumped in the ring on him and you know he’s had a stroke. It’s not Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart from 1993. And I was thinking to myself, why Bret? Why him? And then it dawned on me, it must have been the only opening the guy saw. It was the first opening he had, he came in there, he intended on doing something, he was gonna wait for an opening and there was an opening. I think security got distracted with something else…. He got shots in on Bret. There were shots on Bret and a security guard got hurt.”

The video footage of Dash Wilder hitting the fan: “Here’s the thing about that. Everyone sharing those videos, and yeah it’s great, but now [what if] this guy goes and uses that footage to try and sue somebody. It’s all great everyone sharing these video clips. But no one is thinking about that. Like okay, we’re just sharing this video of Dash doing that, let’s just get him f’n sued why don’t we?”