Seth Rollins Responds to Claim That He Reached the Top of WWE “Relatively Easy”

Booker T said the following on the Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes storyline on this week’s episode of WWE’s RAW Talk.

“Cody Rhodes is not one of those guys that had that easy route, he had to work for everything. Seth Rollins is a guy that made it to the top relatively easy. But, I must say, he had a lot of help. Cody had to break himself down and rebuild himself. That’s the Cody Rhodes we see today.”

Rollins responded to Booker T’s comments on Twitter, “This narrative is false. I started wrestling at 18 years old in back rooms of bars, in pole barns, at UAW Halls, the occasional parking lot. Lost money. Broke bones. Drove countless hours alone just to build a name that got erased the second I walked in the WWE door.”