Seth Rollins Talks Reuniting With Dean Ambrose, WWE 2K18 ‘Finally’ Having A Full-Time Talent On The Cover

Seth Rollins recently spoke with Brian Fritz of Between the Ropes at a WWE 2K18 event earlier this week. Here are the highlights and video below:

WWE 2K finally having a full-time talent on the cover: “Well, first thought – I got to admit – was ‘finally,’ not just for me, but for our entire group of guys and girls who work hard every single day, all the time,” Rollins said. “Past cover athletes, taking nothing away from them, they’re all Hall of Famers, they’re fantastic, but they’re not out there grinding. So, for me to be able to represent our group of folks, really, finally.”

Reuniting with Dean Ambrose: “It’s very special, I remember coming back afterwards thinking to myself, ‘Man, sometimes wrestling is awesome’ and those are the moments you kind of live for as a performer,” Rollins said. “They’re just really special and the way you can emotionally connect with just a vast array of men and women in one building, there to feel that moment there’s really nothing like it. And I don’t know if there’s many performance arts that can do that, so it’s very special to be a part of something like that and I was glad that people cared.”