Several Last-Minute Changes Made To WWE RAW Reunion

The WWE RAW Reunion special had several re-writes on Monday afternoon due to talents/legends not being cleared to do anything physical. As previously noted, a segment with Ricochet had to be changed because Ricochet developed an elbow infection. The re-writes reportedly took place at the last minute.

Meltzer noted the following regarding Rikishi not being cleared to do anything physical at RAW Reunion:

“Rikishi wasn’t cleared, but that wasn’t a big deal, but Rikishi was supposed to do the Stinkface on D-Von and The Revival and I don’t know what it is where you can’t get cleared to do a Stinkface, but he was not cleared to do a Stinkface.”

WWE also did a “phantom title change” with the 24/7 Title because Pat Patterson was unable to even lay down for a pinfall.