Several Matches For This Year’s WWE Starrcade Show

WWE announced some big news today as they revealed later this year they would be bringing back an event from the past called Starrcade. During the days of WCW, Starrcade was a huge event, the premier event of the Jim Crockett Promotions (JCP), National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), and, later, WCW, essentially their version of WWE’s iconic WrestleMania. The buildup to each Starrcade featured the largest feuds of the promotion, and it was where the likes of Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Sting, and Goldberg made their name.

The company will be holding this event on Saturday, November 24, 2018 at the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati. Here are the advertised matches:

Cincinnati Street Fight: The Shield vs Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre

WWE Championship: AJ Styles (c) vs Samoa Joe

Smackdown Women’s Championship (Steel Cage Match): Becky Lynch (c) vs Charlotte Flair

United States Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs Rusev / Lana

Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The New Day (c) vs The Bar

Special Performance: Elias with Ric Flair