Shane Douglas On Heartbreaking News Of Roman Reigns’ Leukemia Battle

In episode #69 of his Triple Threat Podcast “The Franchise Shane Douglas commented on the heartbreaking story of Roman Reigns having to relinquish the WWE Universal Championship due to his battle with leukemia. In this excerpt, Shane shares his heartfelt well-wishes, his history with the Anoaʻi -Fatu family and his hopes for Roman’s triumphant comeback to WWE.  The full episode can be downloaded at this link.

“For our business and for the fans and the people outside of our business at its most basic level it is a fraternity and we are a brotherhood (that’s why he call each other brother) and the reason being is because we are going to the ring night after night, week after week, month after month putting our bodies in each other’s hands and we have to trust each other. To do that you’ve got to get to know these people and although I’ve never gotten to know Roman Reigns because he’s obviously a bit younger than me, I do know the Samoan family very well. I wouldn’t wish something like this on my worst enemy but to see him handling this with such grace I think is really cool and the fact that he wanted to go public with it to sort of advocate for it I think is really cool. With the HIPAA laws we are all so traverse with keeping our health private and keeping that to ourselves but being in a public situation like Roman is there are people out there and probably young kids especially that look up to him that are in the same situation and that can garner strength from that. So to me it is an incredibly cool thing to do. But I do wish him every bit of the best and I hope he has a fast recovery, that he handles the protocol well and not that I have any personal experience but I’m sure that any type of anti-cancer protocol must be tough and because of that I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy let alone one of my brothers. I wish him all the best and God speed in his recovery and what a hell of a return he is going to have. Once he beats cancer’s ass again to come back he will be one hell of a baby face for the WWE and I look forward to seeing that.”

“If there was a cookie-cutter for wrestlers it would be the Roman Reigns look. Just a little sidebar on the family and to Afa, Sika, The Rock, Sammy (Samu), Fatu and all of the guys in that family and I’ve worked with so many of them over the years and I learned so much from working with them. They are always top notch quality people and I’m sure Roman is cut from that same cloth. He’s got a strong family unit around him no doubt and looking forward to him making a speedy recovery and coming back and seeing what is in the next chapter for Roman Reigns.”

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