Shane Douglas Talks Nick Aldis Winning NWA Title, The Future Of The Promotion, More

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Over the last few episodes of The Triple Threat Podcast featuring The Franchise Shane Douglas and The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, The Franchise has been very outspoken over his criticism and critique of now former NWA Champion Tim Storm and NWA owner Billy Corgan. Following last weekend’s NWA title change at CZW’s annual Cage of Death event and his House of Hardcore stable mate, Nick Aldis capturing the ten pounds of gold, in this excerpt from episode 26 Shane sheds a possible light on if the belt he threw down 23 years ago will find its way back into the hands of the Franchise in the near future. The full episode can be downloaded at this link:

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Shane Douglas On Nick Aldis Winning The NWA World Championship:

Nick Aldis capturing the NWA Title from Tim Storm:

“I’ll say it again, the NWA to me died seven years before I threw the belt down. Like my Dad in 1993 and my Mom in 2010 until somebody comes up with a way to resurrect the dead, the dead are dead to me. The NWA died seven years before I threw the belt down.”

“You have to question what the motive is? You are making assumptions that Nick is going to go travel the world as the NWA Champion and he may or he may not. They (the NWA) may have invited the fox into the henhouse. It is never happenstance or coincidence.”

“I asked Santa this year and I have crossed my fingers in hopes that Santa brings it because I’ve asked for a big smelter because I have some big chores that need to be done around the Franchise abode here and you never know when a smelter can be useful.”

Does The Franchise know how to put together a plan better than anybody else in the wrestling business:

“I don’t know about better than anybody else but considering that I’ve learned from Bill Watts and from Dusty Rhodes and Eddie Gilbert and Paul Heyman and Pat Patterson and Ole Anderson and a little bit of Troy Martin’s smarts in there too but I would say that I am probably as qualified as most and more qualified than many. I’ve always said this throughout my career and you guys know this and that is the guy with a plan always succeeds and I’ve always got a plan and a backup to the backup plan. So is it just a coinkydink that one of my guys (Nick Aldis) became the NWA Champion?”

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