Shawn Michaels Gives High Praise To WWE UK Star

During a media interview to promote the launch of the WWE UK Performance Center, Shawn Michaels commented on NXT UK star Jordan Devlin:

“One guy who I didn’t know, or hadn’t seen was Jordan Devlin. He was good when he came in, but now he is really starting to feel it. [Jordan] is oozing confidence, and I hate to pinpoint one person, but I have seen him grow exponentially. He is a real talented kid, and his ceiling is pretty darn high.”

Michaels also commented on working with the young talent:

“As much as I loved being in front of the camera and having my moments, I have found watching these men and women have their’s is almost like watching your kids. Seeing the joy on their face when they come back. It’s impossible to work with someone so much and not get attached to them.”