Shawn Michaels Talks About Coming Out Of Retirement

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels is slated to team up with Triple H to take on The Undertaker and Kane at WWE Crown Jewel. He was interviewed backstage prior to the event in Saudi Arabia where he talked about coming out of retirement. Here is what he had to say (H/T to IwNerd):

“I’m very thrilled after being with the WWE for 30 years I still have the opportunity to be a part of things that are happening for the first time. Like everything in this line of work, I’m thankful it’s a bigger deal to other people than it is to me.

I guess that’s what makes it easier to do, less anxiety. Maybe it’s going to go really badly because there’s no stress, there’s no anxiety, I don’t feel a lot of pressure to be ‘The Showstopper’ to be ‘Mr. WrestleMania.’ Maybe because it’s not at WrestleMania. One of the reasons I agreed to do it, it didn’t encompass all of those things that I feel a ‘comeback match’ dictates.”