Exclusive: Shawn Stasiak Reacts To Kurt Angle’s Comments & Issues Challenge, Talks Possible Return, WWE, More

Former WWE and WCW star Shawn Stasiak recently joined PWMania.com for an exclusive interview. Stasiak held the WWE Hardcore title fifteen times and the WCW World Tag Team Titles on three different occasions. He discussed Kurt Angle’s recent negative comments about him and issued a challenge to him, not feeling the love and support from WWE, his controversial WWE release, his father Stan “The Man” Stasiak being inducted into the Hall of Fame, getting only a 24-second induction video, his initial reaction to the Meat character, if he would be open to returning to the WWE as a talent, coach or producer and so much more.

You can check out the complete interview below:

On a recent episode of The Kurt Angle Show, Kurt Angle said while you’re very talented, you lacked the confidence to make it in the WWE. How do you respond to Kurt Angle on that?

“I woke up a couple Monday’s ago, wasn’t this past Monday, the Monday before, Andy [PWMania] had sent me a link that said, ‘Hey, Kurt Angle has been saying some things about you,’ and I just said okay, it’s probably good and positive, you know, because we’ve always had a mutual respect, in fact I just saw Kurt, last year here in Dallas at WrestleCon, outside the hotel, when they had WrestleMania here and chatted a little bit, exchanged numbers, big hugs, that kind of thing. I’ve always loved and respected Kurt. But of course, I hadn’t seen him in years. But always, mutual respect. Of course, I’ve always looked up to Kurt because of his amateur background, I was an amateur wrestler and when I was training at the WWE headquarters at Stanford in 1998, when I was training with Dr. Tom Prichard and Dory Funk, Jr., they those Funk Dojo camps. They brought in Kurt Angle, and I was stoked. I was so excited. I had been there, maybe two, three, maybe four months ahead of Kurt as far as training, I was still green as grass, but we sort of kind of came up together in those camps. They put us together because they knew how much I admire Kurt and respected him for being NCAA champion, world champion, Olympic gold medalist, all the accolades, and then him coming into the professional wrestling realm. They kind of paired us up and we traveled together, trained together, and did spot shows together. In fact, his first match was against Dr. Tom Prichard, and his second match was against myself. And, of course, his first WWE televised match was against me, Joe Louis Arena, Detroit 1999 Survivor Series. Look at that for memory, right? Sometimes I can remember what I did yesterday, let alone I could go back 20-plus years.

“Everything’s so blown out of context in today’s day and world with clickbait. I saw the headlines, and there were a couple of headlines that I was just like, ‘oh, really,’ man, like, I need to go back and watch Kurt’s actual episode and watch the context in which, he shared his thoughts on that. He put me over seemed to me, he thought I had all the talent and raw ability and tools and accolades, but he said, I lacked confidence. When I saw that, it’s not the greatest feeling. And he’s probably not wrong, either in the sense that I think we all to some degree, we question, second guess ourselves. We have doubts. I had lost my Dad not too long prior to that, I think for me, back then, I tried too hard. I put too much pressure on myself. I wanted to make my Dad proud. I wanted to make the Stasiak, make our name proud.

“I think sometimes you can try too hard, like in the sense of putting just too much overthinking and worrying too much. I definitely did that back then. To make a blatant statement like that, to say that I had no confidence. It’s a little bit of a stretch. Obviously I had a level of confidence to be there, to be in that camp, to be one of the better performers and talents in that camp with the amount of experience I had. But I can understand, I think Kurt comes from a perspective of, he’s a coach, he’s a father. I’m the same way, I love giving my community mentorship. Mentoring young men and women, especially in sports. I think that maybe, in his perspective of what I brought to the table as far as raw talent and ability, I needed to have more confidence. So in some ways, it’s kind of a compliment. But yeah I was like, ‘oh, man, that kind of stung a little bit.’ Of course, when I went away to WCW, and got another year and a half of experience, more ring time, became a three-time Tag Team Champion, traveled the world, made more money. I started to own my craft a little bit better, I was a little more savvy. It takes a good six, seven years to really start getting a feel for that, for being a professional wrestler and performing or perfecting that craft. And when I came back to WWE, I didn’t have any confidence issues. I was excited. I was stoked, I was inspired, I was fired up, I came back home, that’s the only place I ever wanted to work was WWE. And it was just unfortunate circumstances that I was released and had to go to another company and came back. But I think I lost confidence over time with WWE because I never felt the love and support and I’m not here to point fingers. I’m grateful for the opportunity that I did have. But looking back, I didn’t even scratch the surface of my potential, but I had all the confidence in the world. I was ready to be elevated to that next level and it just never came. So after a while you get discouraged, but I think it’s normal for us to second guess ourselves and, and to self doubt at times. I know Kurt has done it as well. It’s kind of odd to take a small piece of a timeframe of your life, and think that I don’t have any confidence. Come on, Kurt, I’ve got I’ve got confidence, buddy.”

Kurt Angle also made another statement, he stated that in 1998 you decided to get a hair replacement the week before you were to get called up to the WWE for the first time. And he said that you called the WWE stating that you can’t get called up because you’re getting your hair done. He said that was part of the reason you were painted into a corner and was not a team player.

“For almost a 53-year-old man. So when I woke up Monday morning, Andy texted me, and I saw these headlines. Kurt Angle feels that former WWE superstar derailed his career because of a hair transplant. Shawn Stasiak’s career was ruined because of a hair restoration. Oh my god, so that’s why I had a watch that but now okay, so I watched the context in which Kurt shared that story. First of all as much as I love and respect Kurt Angle, that kind of came from left field, and first of all I’m going with why did that without even come up A. Why would you know feel compelled even bring another man’s medical procedure up? It’s something that I would personally not do but I don’t know I mean his life has been kind of an open book and he’s had his struggles and challenges. In today’s world everybody talks about it is become it’s no different than improving your image whether it’s whitening your teeth, boob augmentations, lifts, skin dietary, I mean, right so back then 20 plus years ago, yes, I ended up making the decision to get that done.

“I was in Memphis Tennessee at the time, I was working with Jerry Lawler and was in a great storyline angle. It was so much fun looking back at those times, “The King” of course, the legend. It was an honor for me to work with him. I was a young man, great body, full of piss and vinegar want to take on the world and here I am the WWE, and I’m in these training camps with guys like Test Andrew Martin, Christian, and Edge with these beautiful long flowing locks of blonde hair and I’m losing my hair, right? I gotta do something about this man, this sucks, you know? And I’m thinking and what are my options? Shave it? Buzz it? I looked into that procedure and I went to one of the best places if not the best place in the world in Toronto and inquired, did a little consultation, and I got back to WWE, and I said listen, you guys were about to call me up I think soon, that was the word right? And I consulted with them. I said, I just think this would help improve my image give me some youth back give me some years back, and they say ‘hey, by all means, if it improves your image and feel it helps your confidence and it gives you some youth and improves your image then by all means… because we want to bring you in as kind of like, stay in shape, keep your abs.’ They were they weren’t telling me what the character was going to be, my rookie character, we’d soon find out that after that, but I just decided to get that done. I don’t know where that story came from. I don’t know where Kurt conjured up that story in his mind.

“I don’t know if he [Kurt Angle] heard something from someone in the office. I don’t know maybe he was a little loopy that day, I don’t what he was thinking, but that’s a bullsh*t story. I never would have called the WWE, and said ‘hey guys listen, I’m getting my hair done, you’re got to hold off my debut for a couple.’ Are you kidding me? None of that happened. I spoke with them and consulted. They said ‘yes, by all means get it done, but get it done now,’ because there’s a little bit of a period of recovery, for about a month or so. And they said, just do it now, and then we should be fine. So I did. And then for about a month, I would travel to Monday Night Raw TV, thinking I was gonna make my debut, but they keep postponing this and next week, then next week, and then next week. And then finally, I made my debut, and I remember that night specifically, of course, you always think when did you make your actual debut? And I was in the arena, it was Grand Rapids, Michigan, it was in 1999 of course, and I’m in the arena, and I’m looking at the crowd through the curtains, I’m getting ready to make my run and jump Tiger Ali Singh and walk off with Terry and Jackie, introducing the Meat character.

“A big part of me being there was my father, Stan the Man Stasiak, and his influence and legacy. I just spoke to my father. I said, ‘Dad, I know you’re not here physically, but I feel your spirit here.’ I felt his presence. I felt his presence in the building. And I don’t want to sound cliche or cheesy, but I really do. I had goosebumps, I could hear my Dad’s voice said ‘Shawn just go in there and just do your thing. You’ve anticipated this your whole life, you’re going to be just fine. Just go in there and do your thing. Have fun.’ I was really nervous right? Of course, it’s your debut. I go in there beat up Tiger Ali Singh, walk off with the girls, and then about three, four days later, I’m back in my extended stay hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. All my friends are calling and you know, we weren’t texting back then. But they were saying ‘hey, we saw your debut. That was so cool. That was so awesome. Congrats.’ You know, it was a very, very exciting time in my life. And I thought back I said, when did I make my WWE debut, and remember, it was postponed and everything for about a month. And then I looked back at the calendar because it was a pre-recorded for I think it was a Heat episode, right? And I look back and look at the calendar. And lo and behold, it was April 13 1999, it was my father’s birthday. So the whole debut thing about calling in WWE that’s such a bullsh*t story. Now, I never would have done that. I consulted with them and complied with everything was fine. We’re on the same page, and everything went as planned. So there’s the debunking that story unless Kurt knows something that I don’t. Everything went as planned is least starting out.”

And on Twitter, you said you have one last dance left, and you challenged Kurt Angle to a match at the next WrestleMania, so are we getting Shawn Stasiak versus Kurt Angle at WrestleMania?

“That’s up to WWE and that’s up to Kurt Angle. I’ll just say this, look, just like in the tweet like I said, love Kurt, respect Kurt but it all started with me, why not ended with me Kurt, full circle. WrestleMania 40, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, your home state, right? You want to end your career? Let’s do it. Forget, what’s his name? Corbin?

“Baron Corbin, right, Baron Corbin, forget that man. Let’s get back to the Attitude Era. Let’s finish it where it all began. I was your second match, you know? And plus, that’s in Philadelphia. That’s the city of brotherly love. That’s where Stan the Man Stasiak, my father became the fifth wrestler in the history of the WWE to become champion. So why not there? I think it makes sense. He’s got new knees, his neck is I think repaired, he’s in great shape, he’s in a happy place, he looks great. I’m in great shape. I’m open to it.”

So you mentioned the Meat character. When you were initially approached about the character of Meat, what was your reaction?

“Honestly, at first, I was really disappointed. I was very disappointed because I anticipated, taking after my father and having my opportunity to be a WWE superstar and I guess during that time, just like the name, ‘Attitude Era’ reflects that’s what it was they were just getting a little bit edgier and going out to one word, gimmick names, and whatnot. It just fit that attitude I guess, at the time. I do know where it came from, it was Ed Ferrara. Apparently, they called his Dad, who’s on a softball team, I think this is the story, and they called him Meat for some reason. They decided that was a cool name and that’s how it came about. I don’t know, if it was him and Vince Russo’s idea. I was disappointed at first. But, you know, a couple of veterans had a talk with me and just said, listen, it’s like acting, you’re just you’re playing a role. Just get started, get your feet wet, right? Just do the best you can with it. I didn’t know what Meat was, I was a rookie, I was green. I had some raw ability. I was trained enough to be in there and start my career out. But I wouldn’t be interested in playing a character like that now, but if I could take it, rewind and play a character named Meat now it’d be a completely different perspective, but I was green. I just wanted to get started and get my feet wet. I knew it wouldn’t last forever. But I was disappointed but happy in the sense that ‘hey, I got a character and I’m going to be on the show.'”

You mentioned your dad being the fifth-ever World Wide Wrestling Federation champion. Definitely one of the all-time greats. Now you were speaking about the disappointment of the character of Meat. What was the level of disappointment when he only got a 24-second Hall of Fame induction video in 2018. What was your level of disappointment in that?

“A huge immense, that really hurt me, that’s probably the thing that really iced the cake for me with WWE, and I don’t want to make this into a bash WWE session.

“I am grateful that I got the opportunity that I did have. Hey look, I screwed up, I made some mistakes I had labeled myself for various reasons. I never had any wrongful intent ever. You know, of course, I got released from that company. Because of the tape recorder incident. I’m sure you’ve heard of that. But in some ways, it was a blessing because WCW hired me and actually did something with me and gave me more of an opportunity. I wish WWE would have done that. But I think in the long term it put a stigma to my name. Jim Ross and Eric Bishoff made references to that. How can you trust somebody in the locker room with a whole tape recorder thing? It’s like, honest to God I have I’ve shared this story many, many times over the years, there was absolutely no wrongful intent. It was a rib gone wrong. It was stupid. It was a dumb mistake, and I was a rookie. I was just being me, I was just being Shawn, and I think that bit me in the ass in the long run where I don’t think I ever recovered from that with WWE, in the minds of the decision-makers. And who knows, it’s a shark-eat-shark world, Vince probably had people in his ear… I don’t know if it was politics backstage. But I just have never been able to feel the love and support of that company. I’ve never really received invites to WrestleMania when they’re here in Dallas. Although I did go to last year’s WrestleMania with my former business partner and friend. It was amazing. I felt like I’d never left at all. The fans thought I was there to do something on show, they thought I was going to do a run-in, and I just was there as a fan. You know to take pictures, autographs, it was so fun.

“But to get back to your original question about my dad in the Hall of Fame. Yeah, I was. I was so disappointed. So hurt by that. Because of all these years. I had been campaigning for my father to be inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame. He was the fifth wrestler in history of the company, who cares if he only held the belt for nine days he was a transitional champion. They wanted to get the belt from Pedro Morales to Bruno both baby faces, but they needed a good transitional heel to make the transition. But you know, my Dad always told me, ‘Shawn, those were the happiest nine days of my life apart from you being born.’ He always told me, ‘that was one of the happiest times of my life.’

“You would think that after all these years and here I am a chiropractor for the last 17 years. I’m a speaker, I’m a wellness life coach, and I’m not tooting my own horn, but you would think, that they would want to call upon on myself to give me 5-10 minutes. I don’t need Mr. T hour and a half time on this. I just need five to eight minutes. Let me tell a couple funny stories. ‘Thank you, it’s an honor for this award. Good night,’ right? Never came.

“I learned about my Dad getting inducted into the Hall of Fame through fans on Twitter. And I realized, then I went, ‘oh my god,’ the things tomorrow night or the next day. And I knew right away what they were doing. They were gonna put him in some video package. I had seen this legends wing for a couple years. And I used to get nervous watching because I think ‘oh, man, don’t put him in there.’ Don’t let him show up in that. No offense or no disrespect to the other legends. I just think my Dad deserved a little bit more acknowledgment. And to do it right. I would think some of the people that have been inducted in this Hall of Fame, you would think that Stan Stasiak, one of the original WWE champions would have been done right and called upon. That his only son, at least that I know of, his only son to induct his father into the WWE Hall of Fame. And I think we made history. I think he’s the first WWE champion that never got a real induction. It was just, ‘here’s a video package. And here’s 20 whatever seconds.’ And that’s it. I was heartbroken. I was p*ssed off. I called Vince McMahon, I dialed the digits. I knew he wouldn’t pick up, it was WrestleMania. We’ve had a couple conversations over the years. But I text him I said, ‘Please don’t do this. Don’t put him in like this. Let’s wait till next year, I would encourage that. You’re going to be in the New York New Jersey area,’ at MetLife Stadium, I think that was the next year’s WrestleMania. He [Stan] was kind of known to be in the East Coast anyway. And I thought it’d be more appropriate to just give me five minutes to just do it right. But I wasn’t even invited to the arena, which was at New Orleans. I’m in Dallas, it’s a short flight. You would think they would at least invite me to show my respects, to be there in the building. So there’s, there’s something going on. I must be hated so bad, so much and so disregarded. It hurt me. It really did.”

Did your Dad know is only going to be nine days. Did he know he was just he was going to be transitional. He was going to drop it to Bruno in nine days?

“You know, that’s a good question. I don’t know for sure. I read a transcript one time. I don’t think he knew that, that night that they did put the strap on him, that he was going to have the strap that night because he had worked with Pedro many, many times in house shows, non-television events, and they would go to draws, there would be disqualifications. But I think that night when he showed up at the arena, there was a transcript of him and the agent going over what’s gonna go on tonight. My Dad’s like, lacing up his boots, and so he’s just kind of getting ready for his match. And then he said, ‘you’re 1, 2, 3 and before the ref hits three, your arms gonna go up, and then three.’ And then he goes, ‘well, wait a second, that means that I win?,’ ‘That’s right.’ ‘This is for a title match?’ ‘That’s right.’ ‘That means I’m become the WWWF champion?’ ‘That’s right.’ And so he found out right then and there. So it was a surprise to him. So that was pretty cool. What an experience that would have been to show up thinking you’re just going to put a guy over again, retain the title on on Pedro. But he ended up walking away that night with the WWF Championship.”

“I don’t know if he knew, I think he probably knew after. I’m sure after they put the strap on. They probably told him that, ‘we’re doing this to transition this to Bruno to get it back on Bruno.’ If he didn’t know that he was gonna have the belt that night, when he showed up to the arena, I imagine he didn’t know prior. ‘Hey, we’re going to put the belt on you.’ They didn’t forewarn him here, but I’m sure he learned shortly after that. But yeah, I don’t think he knew.”

Would you be open to returning to the WWE, AEW, Impact Wrestling, or another promotion as a talent, coach, or producer?

“I’ve had a few people ask me that question. I’m not opposed to it. Look everything especially at this stage of my life, everything has to make business sense you know as to be the right business. But I love mentoring. I love coaching. I love sharing my wisdom and more so my mistakes and shortcomings and failures and what worked and what didn’t but also what’s where I succeeded and why. But when it comes to backstage and that’s just probably just being a speaker and a mentor and a wellness life coach, it’s just in me and and I love giving back and seeing the progression in goals being set and accomplished by contributing to their success and being that support. But I haven’t really put much thought into it. I’ve actually thought more, you know, look, I know it’s a young man’s game, I probably have, like I said, you know, I have a little bit left in the tank. I feel that I do unless I’m completely delusional. But it’s something that I don’t certainly would want to do full time, I wouldn’t want to even remotely try to do that to my, you know, body. But I think for a feature, side feature or a special feature, like a thing with Kurt Angle, for instance, I don’t know, something that made sense that has some significant and some history and it made sense storyline wise, I would be open to that. I don’t know as far as commentating or coaching backstage, not a whole lot of thought, but I’m open to the right business always. And, you know, I do love professional wrestling. It’s a modern day Shakespearean art and telling a story and I love sharing stories through theatrics and inspiring people. So, who knows, I haven’t really put a whole lot of thought into it.”

So you were in WCW and WWF. What were the main differences that you noticed between both promotions?

“Well, when I was in WCW, of course, personally, I just was treated just to help more love and support and meaning I just had more opportunity and was able to have more TV time and wrestled pay per views and you know, got a taste of gold, I guess and traveled the world just felt more, I was more involved. I was a big contributor as a team player on the show. But at the same time, it was very disorganized. It wasn’t structured and ran as well as WWE, and that’s the one thing about WWE is you know, Vince McMahon. They’re second to none man and as far as production and I mean, just but backstage I mean, look nothing’s perfect, you’re not going to appeal to every fan. You know, there’s always people complaining and bitching about how this sucked or why didn’t you do this or that or whatever. But at the end of the day, it just had more structure and I think just more better leadership and structure. I just wish I would have personally had the same kind of treatment I guess in WCW back in WWE but that was the difference. Structure and leadership and just there’s just too much, what’s the term too many chiefs not enough Indians or too many cooks in the kitchen. Something like that. One of those things. Yeah, it was just too much, people in different directions. It was disarrayed at WCW but it was fun for me because I got to be part of that and have TV time and hone my craft better.”

Who came up with the nickname The Mecca of Manhood? Did you come up with that?

“I don’t know who, I thought it was Terry. I don’t know if Terry Taylor had ever been with WCW. Someone else gave me that moniker, just thought it would go well with this new transition, I broke away from the Natural Born Thrillers group with Sean O’Haire, Chuck Palumbo, Mark Jindrak, Mike Sanders, Johnny the Bull, broke away from that stable and this was actually even after Chuck and I were tagged up as tag team partners. But I don’t know I was developing this kind of this arrogant Rick Rudeish, Mr. Perfect type of morph character you know, that type of style and attitude and someone just said, ‘Hey, you know the Mecca of Manhood that would be a good phrase to use with your character and what you’re developing.’ I don’t know who it came from, though. I don’t know. I just don’t remember. I don’t remember. It wasn’t my idea, but someone gave that to me.”

What does the future hold for you and do you have anything you want to say to your fans?

“Well, first of all with the fans just want to say thank you, there’s a lot of haters out there, boy, I’ll tell you, but I want to thank all my fans, and what I’ve learned over the years, I think it’s because of social media and the digital age that we live in and WWE network, which is Peacock now. It’s funny, I have some, you know, young, I call them kids, right? But they’re in their late teens, early 20s, mid 20s. They’re like, hey, they know about me, ‘how do you know about me, how old are you?’ You know? And they, they tell me like, how do you know about me, I was way before you know, well, it’s it’s the WWE library and we saw the stuff you did with Kurt Angle with The Rock, with Stone Cold, and you know, in WCW, because they have that access to that video library. And so I think that’s kept myself and a lot of guys that had been away for so long, somewhat relevant, with social media. And so more and more of what I’ve gotten from people that I didn’t realize I’ve been so, when I look back at my career, it depends on what day it is that the cups half empty or half full. I’m so grateful and blessed that I had the opportunity that I did, and I was able to do something that so many people never experience, you know, it’s such a rarity.

“But on the same token with my name, my background, where I come from, in the context of where I come from, I just I feel like it was a miserable failure, you know, and been hard, it’s haunted me at times, and it hurts. But you use that grief and that despair, and I’ve learned to channel it in some ways to use it as fuel to accomplish some of the things that I have accomplished in my life that have been successes by becoming a chiropractor, developing the speaking career, making a difference in people’s lives that truly, you know, inspire people and help them with their breakthroughs and trying to help them live their life and true potential. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m immersing myself more as a speaker. I hate that word. Motivational speaker. I love the word transformational or inspirational or storyteller. The best speakers are the best storytellers and are a thought leader, influencer. That’s who I am a messenger. Right? And if I know if a story I share or leading by example, if I truly know that I’m on stage, or virtual or whatever event venue I’m at, if I know that I truly made a difference and contribute to a breakthrough in someone’s life. Because my theme is what are you wrestling with? Right? We’re all wrestling with something. wrestling with relationships, wrestling with finances, wrestling with ego, time, regret, wrestling with fear, fear of what success or failure, fear of rejection, I can go on and on. So my whole theme is wrestling. What are you wrestling with? And if I can help somebody, overcome a feat in their life, and break through and get, that brings the most inspiration and fulfillment to me and that’s my purpose here.

“As far as the wrestling fans, man, I didn’t realize how much I felt so beloved when I was at that WrestleMania for the two nights I was in the stands. I was drinking a couple beers with the fans, you know? And, of course, and so I don’t know, I think for me, I was so down about my career and the way that it went that and for years, I’ve knocked on the door. I don’t know if you’ve seen my Shawn Stasiak comeback story. I pitched this where, look, I’m still in shape. I’ve been pitching this for probably 10 years. But I finally just realized that it’s probably just too late and probably never happened. But it was you know, there’s ever been a father son duo ever win the WWE championship. And still, it’s still to this very day. It’s never been done. I think Rey Mysterio and Dominic, it’s getting close, because he’s getting older and developing, he’s really coming along, Dominic, I’m really like what I’m seeing, but it’s never not that particular title. And so it’s ever been a father son connection to win that title. And it still hasn’t been done till this very day. And I’m like, until that is accomplished. I still have this sometimes. It’s probably a complete, you know, dream and such a long shot, but you never say never. It’s just one of those things where I don’t know, I still have a piece of you that I hold on to it, I think a little bit. But the fans, I didn’t realize how appreciated and I guess respected that I was. And I think what I’ve been hearing lately is that we didn’t realize what we had in Shawn Stasiak until 20 years later, and we’re with what we have today as this particular product, and it just makes me feel good that I’m more respected and appreciated and acknowledged more. I think I’ve been so beat up over myself. I beat myself up over my my career. I didn’t even scratch the surface. And most people know that. You got a lot of haters out there saying, ‘oh, you suck and you were a mid carder at best,’ but you know, that’s just transgression. Those people are just miserable in their own lives. And maybe it’s true, a lot of stuff my stuff did suck. I watched back and cringe half the time I’m like, ‘oh my god, I would love to have that opportunity back.’ And I’ve been very curious to know with as we grow as men, I’m a man I’ve grown. I’ve had my experiences and I’ve had my challenges and tribulations and hardships. Right. And I’ve often thought, you know, art imitates life. Who would Shawn Stasiak look like on the platform today of who I am as a man? It’d be a completely different message and different character. I think it would be something that would I just feel that people would gravitate and connect with it. I really do.

“So ultimately, I thank my fans and you can people can follow me on Twitter, on Instagram, it’s Dr. Shawn. @DrShawn008 on both Twitter and Instagram. And then Facebook it’s Shawn Stasiak-Stipich. I’m going to be immersing myself more and more in corporate speaking and have a wellness life coaching program that’s going to be out in a couple of months. So maybe we get back on here again when I’m ready to launch it. I’ll let the world know I’m ready too. I’m ready to change some lives, inspire people and make a difference.”