Sheamus Comments On The Current Backstage Morale In WWE

In an interview with, Sheamus commented on the recent releases in WWE and the current backstage morale:

“The locker room got to get on with it. I’ve been in the company 12 years and it is part of the business, people come in and people go and you got to get down with it, every Monday you got to get there and perform. I don’t think the morale is down, I think is a lot better that what it used to be when I started. There is a lot more of camaraderie and we have great lads, experienced lads and young lads working together during the pandemic with no fans. You talk to some of the legends and they will tell you that they would not adapt to perform in that ring so I think is a credit to everybody who has been working non stop during the last 15 or 16 months and keeping the company going and people entertained during this situation.”

You can check out the full interview below: