WWE Looks At 26 Edge Stats, Sheamus vs. Shorty G Rematch Hype, WWE Stock Way Down Today

– Below is the latest episode of WWE’s “List This!” series, featuring a look at 26 random facts and stats about WWE Hall of Famer Edge, who returned to the company at Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

The video looks at several notes on The Rated R Superstar, such as: he was in the crowd at WrestleMania 6 in Toronto, his high school superlatives had him being most likely to win the WWE Title, he won free pro wrestling training at the age of 17 after winning an essay contest in a local newspaper, he used the name Damon Striker in WCW, Christian drove him to a WWE tryout match against Bob Holly after his own car broke down, WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart helped him out by putting in a phone call to WWE Hall of Famer and former head of Talent Relations Jim Ross, he’s one of three Superstars who have won a Money In the Bank match, King of the Ring and a Royal Rumble Match (along with Sheamus and WWE Champion Brock Lesnar), he’s the only Superstar to compete in two Elimination Chamber matches in one night, he’s one of WWE’s most-decorated Superstars with 31 title wins in his career, he came up with the “You suck!” chants that fans still use for WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle, and more.

– WWE stock was down 21.57% today, closing at $48.88 per share. Today’s high was $51.33 and the low was $45.10. As noted, the stock tanked in after-hours trading on Thursday after WWE announced that Co-Presidents Michelle Wilson and George Barrios were leaving. The stock is currently trading down 0.16% at $48.80 per share in after-market trading.

– Shorty G took to Twitter this afternoon to address Sheamus ahead of their match on tonight’s WWE SmackDown episode, which is a rematch from last Sunday’s Royal Rumble Kickoff pre-show. The Celtic Warrior won that match.

He wrote, “Tonight. Redemption. He’s called me vermin, a rat, and recycles Corbin’s old short jokes. This is a complex man I’m dealing with here [face with rolling eyes emoji] Anyway, they’re all the same exact size when I lay them out flat. #RiseOverSize #SmackDownOnFox”

Sheamus also responded to WWE’s announcement on the rematch and wrote, “Did he get out of his cage again? [rat emoji]”

You can see their full tweets below: