Shelton Benjamin Speaks On Leaving WWE, Says He’s Not Bitter

Former WWE performer Shelton Benjamin has issued his first public comments about his release, writing the following on his Twitter page this week:

“WWE never made me any promises just gave me an opportunity to make money. And I made a lot of money, so (they) fulfilled their end. I am not bitter or scourned and I’ve got too much pride, passion, and confidence in myself to cry like a baby because i was released.”

Benjamin says he was underutilized during his time in WWE and that there are many things about the company that “suck” – but that probably won’t stop him from returning to the company at some point in the future.

“Do I think I should have been a World Champion, HELL YES!, was I underutilized, without a doubt, do I have issue with WWE, NO! I NEED TO BE AWAY FROM WWE so I can grow are a performer. There are many things about that company that SUCK, but i got no time to be crying about it. I am enjoying a good life now and if history serves chances are you haven’t seen the last on me in WWE even if I go elsewhere along the way.”

Benjamin is currently wrestling for Ring of Honor with his former WWE tag partner, Charlie Haas.