SHIMMER Head Comments On Daizee Haze Health Speculation

Dave Prazak, Shimmer Women Athletes’ top official, has released a statement in response to speculation raised online concerning the health and well being of Daizee Haze, who reigns as one half of the organization’s tag team champions. The indy standout’s health has drawn great concern as she appeared alarmingly skinny at last week’s CHIKARA event in Philadelphia, even garnering “eat a sandwich” chants from fans.

The SHIMMER founder feels “it’s a shame” that people are focusing on Haze’s physical appearance rather than her stellar grappling performances as of late, citing SHIMMER Volume 37 and SHIMMER Volume 40. He remarked the following on the women wrestling’s league’s official message board after the subject of Haze’s weight was broached:

“I think everyone has made it more than clear that they wish the best for Daizee’s health and well being. I also think it’s a shame that all of the focus has been put on her appearance for the past year or so rather than anyone talking about how she’s been a part of some spectacular matches, in both SHIMMER and CHIKARA. I feel her match with Serena on 37 and the tag on 40 are two of the most solid all around matches we’ve ever had on our shows.

“Rather than offering praise for the quality of her work and contributions to the business as a whole, including teaching the young girls behind the scenes, it seems everyone just resorts to the “eat a sandwich” comments. Everyone wishes for her to be as healthy as possible, but please, move on.”

CHIKARA announced last week that Haze is taking an indefinite hiatus from professional wrestling to focus on her health and recovery. They too attempted to shift the focus from her sickly emaciated appearance as her leave of absence is being publicly attributed to an angle that took place at last week’s Chikarasaurus Rex event; she was struck over the head with a chair and subsequently chokeslammed.

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