Sin Cara Vents About His Position In WWE

WWE star Sin Cara issued the following statement on Twitter:

“One week away from WrestleMania 35!

Hard to think that in 9 years I have been with WWE only once I’ve been able to showcase my talent on the biggest stage of them all.

I know that my purpose in life is greater than anything I can achieve as a professional wrestler but no matter what people say or think I know I am one of the best in my profession. Unfortunately, my success has not depended on me, I am just a small piece on the big machine. Many times I have heard people say ‘Work Harder and the Brass Ring will be yours’ we all know the truth to that! I have no regrets nor would I change anything I’ve been through in my personal and professional life because it has made me who I am today. Adversity will come but I will Never Ever give up on my Dreams!

One day I will be a Champion!”