Social Media Back & Forth Between AEW Stars And WWE Star Continues

New WWE SmackDown Superstar “Top Dolla” AJ Francis has been trending on Twitter all day, and AEW’s The Young Bucks are apparently taking credit for the WWE rookie going viral. As noted earlier, The Bucks took a quick jab at the WWE NXT roster after Top Dolla took to Twitter this week and made a post about wrestlers and sneakers. He did not name Matt Jackson or Nick Jackson, but they are two of the biggest sneaker-heads in pro wrestling, and he wrote, “Some of y’all favorite wrestlers only wear sneakers on-camera to seem ‘cool & hip’ but in real life they rock vans and ASICS exclusively… but y’all not ready for that conversation [zipper lips emoji]”

MVP responded and asked Dolla to name names. Dolla wrote back, “I prefer not to mention members of the competition. But if you watch they show, they tell on themselves [laughing emoji]” The Bucks apparently took this personal as they changed their Twitter bios to read, “Spent more on sneakers in September than the entire NXT roster did.”

In an update, these original comments over sneakers led to The Bucks and Dolla trending on Twitter all day, with Dolla seemingly getting more social media attention than he has before. The Bucks made another update to their Twitter bio and took credit for the Hit Row member going viral, while also bragging about their status as sneaker-heads.

“Only wear heat. Ain’t buying unless it’s resell price. We’ll make you trend just by mentioning you here in our bio,” they wrote as their new bio.

Dolla has not directly responded to The Young Bucks as of this writing. He did make tweets to explain to fans why he was not referring to WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns in the original tweet. He also had another back & forth with MVP, who seemed to take a shot at AEW, saying they are not competition.

You can see those related tweets below, along with the posts from earlier, and screenshots of The Bucks’ Twitter bio changes: