Speculation About Money In The Bank, Road Dogg’s WWE Frustrations

Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com commented on the Money in the Bank PPV moving to May this year and how it was possibly done to distract people from AEW’s Double or Nothing PPV:

“They moved Money In The Bank up this year though for that reason — is it for that reason? To — you know, who knows? I think it probably was you know Money In The Bank is a stronger show so why would you do that change. Because coming right out of WrestleMania they usually go in there with that one month where they’re like, ‘Well we don’t wanna do a big pay-per-view so June’s a better time for that, but yeah they’re gonna go with Money In The Bank in May.”

Meltzer also commented on why Road Dogg stepped down from his position as co-lead writer of Smackdown Live:

“The show’s being ripped apart and then having ideas and then having ideas being taken out of context.”