Speculation About Paige Segment and Drew McIntyre – Ricochet

Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com discussed why WWE had the Kabuki Warriors turn against Paige on this week’s WWE RAW:

“It may have just been a way to try and get them heel heat because everyone is cheering them at the house shows and they turned. I mean even in Australia they cheered them against the IIconics who are the local women, but they’ve been cheered at every house show.”

“So they needed to do something because they need to be heels even though there are probably few people in the entire company who are better suited to be a babyface than Kairi Sane.”

Meltzer also explained why WWE did the Drew McIntyre vs. Ricochet rematch on RAW:

“The reason they did Ricochet vs Drew McIntyre again was because it was successful. That’s why. They had a good match and they did good ratings. That’s why they wrestled again, that makes sense. That’s why they didn’t have a finish — well they had a finish and it was Randy Orton in St Louis interfering.”