Speculation on AEW Star Leaving the Company This Fall

There is speculation that one of AEW’s early notable signings may be departing the company.

According to rumors going around, Santana has been giving away hints on social media that he may be considering leaving AEW. He tweeted “126 days” in April, which equates to September 1st and would correspond to the time period in which his AEW contract would expire.

He also wrote “Soon” in a tweet earlier this week.

There’s now speculation that Ortiz and Santana might be having problems. During in-ring promo segments, it is obvious that they don’t engage as much and don’t stand together as much. Also noteworthy was Ruby Soho’s mention of Eddie Kingston’s friendship with Ortiz and Jon Moxley during the Blood and Guts video package before the bout this week. She made no reference to Santana.

Santana has also been accepting bookings on his own for months, despite the fact that he has performed a few tag-team matches in AEW alongside Ortiz.

Santana is currently scheduled to appear at Create A Pro Wrestling for the very first time on July 24 for Shook Crew Fun Fair 2.

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