Speculation On Backstage Drama Between Vince McMahon, Shane And Triple H

The dynamic between Vince McMahon and Triple H is reportedly something everyone is talking about internally in WWE. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Shane McMahon’s return, and recent changes to WrestleMania 32 storylines, have both lead to an increase in backstage chatter about the McMahon family drama. The Observer reports that Vince does not like being perceived as the old out-of-touch guy who needs to step aside so Triple H can take over.

The speculation within WWE right now is reportedly that if Shane does take on an executive role in the company, Vince could be playing him against Triple H and Stephanie. It gets hard to tell how much of the Vince-Triple H tension is exaggerated, but it is known that Shane did have issues with Triple H and Stephanie that lead to him leaving the company in 2009. Shane left WWE after he found out his sister and Triple H would eventually be taking over the company instead of him.

Shane’s entire promo on Monday’s RAW was re-written at the last minute to remove mentions of him wanting to fire Triple H and Stephanie from RAW should he win at WrestleMania 32. According to The Observer, the opening segment on RAW has been changing at the last minute lately at Vince’s request. Last minute script changes were blamed for Shane forgetting a line during his return promo on RAW, but it largely went unnoticed because Vince spoke up and covered for him.

Aside from any heat he may have with Vince and Shane, Triple H also drew criticism from some WWE employees for not “selling” his beating from Roman Reigns back in December. In the days after the angle with Reigns at TLC, Triple H was making appearances to promote NXT and not selling any injuries.