Speculation On Former WWE Star Making Surprise Appearance At WrestleMania 39

Gangrel has arrived in Los Angeles, just days after it was reported that WWE was bringing him in for WrestleMania weekend.

Edge vs. Finn Balor in a Hell in a Cell match is one of the main events on the card. Balor will be performing his Demon gimmick, and it has been speculated that Edge will make a special entrance, similar to The Brood.

It was reported over the weekend that Gangrel was being brought in for the weekend, though no reason was given. However, it fueled speculation that WWE would do something special for the WWE Hall of Famer, as The Brood (Gangrel, Edge, and Christian) had an iconic entrance during the Attitude Era.

The former WWE star has arrived in town just days before the event, as seen below.

Gangrel may be in town to see friends, but reuniting with Edge for Mania would be quite the spectacle. Edge vs. Balor will take place on night two.

As PWMania.com previously reported, WWE CEO Nick Khan hinted at surprises for Mania during an appearance on ESPN’s First Take.