Spike Trivet On Challenge To Be Progress World Champion, Chapter 134 & More

Spike Trivet is clearly a competitor that has become the hate of many wrestling fans, with his brutal style and no-holds-barred approach to taking out fan favorite Cara Noir drawing heat, yet garnering much attention in the process.

Outside of discussing Spike Trivet’s major grudge match with Cara this Sunday at Progress Wrestling’s Chapter 134 ‘No Mountain High Enough’ taking place at Camden’s Electric Ballroom, which you can check out at this link, PWMania.com spoke frankly and honestly about his career and his ambitions throughout 2022 and beyond.

What does it mean to be top of the card, in such a popular match with Cara Noir?

“For me, it feels like somewhat, validation. I spent a long time, lots of time, in other promotions, particularly Riptide, basically creating a body of work that gave me the scope to stretch my creative wings. They were happy for me to be creative and from taking the ball, I still take the lessons I learned to this day and it helps me be ready for something that has captured fans imagination.”

You had been in Progress for quite a while, both as a singles competitor and in tag matches as the leader of DnR. How do you look back on that time?

“I spent a long time in Progress, and I felt for a particularly long time, I wasn’t being utilized the way I thought I should be. I’m predominantly a singles wrestler and when I was in DnR, at times it felt like a no-win situation because at times it felt like I did more tag matches for DnR then the rest of my career combined…

Tag team and single matches are very different things. Totally different art forms. And so for a long time, I did not feel like my skill set, as a singles wrestler, was utilized well enough. Ring time in this promotion is very precious, there isn’t much margin for error, so…now is my time to showcase that in a company that the world is watching, on the biggest platform.

For me to be in a position now where they are letting me run with a narrative as a singles wrestler against a wrestler with such high regard, shows that validation, as the last things we have done have gone very well, the reactions have been great. It has made this fight one that you have to, that you want to watch.”

What has been your favourite match of your career so far:

“The last match at Riptide. The 14th of March 2020 against Jordan Breaks, my first and only defence of the Riptide Championship. That was a night where I look back on it now as pretty bittersweet. It was the first night I went out there main eventing a show. There were no draws on tshow, no imports bulking up the card. The team gave us the ball, they had built us up and worked towards us being the draw…and it worked.

It was a sold out house and I remember thinking ‘You know what…we’re the stars here’ and I was at the top of the card and it all just came together perfectly. Jordan Breaks and I really raised the bar for each other and I remember laying in the ring at points during the match and thinking ‘It’s happening, we have them.’ The feedback I got from the match, fans coming up to me, after being on podcasts saying I was essentially a valet, that I wasn’t a wrestler, then coming up to me asking where they could see matches of mine like they had just seen. That was the last match before the pandemic and by that stage, it was the greatest match I ever had…until now.”

2022…do we see Spike Trivet as Progress World Champion?

“Never say never, but there are other things in my sights that need to get done, right now. There are minds that need to be changed, there are perceptions that need to be squashed and things that need to get done before I move to that stage. I will, but I need to do those things first before I move to that challenge…a challenge that I thrive upon. The journey is the best thing and if it happens this year, it happens, but something I can tell you is, it WILL happen.”

Spike Trivet: “I’m Going To Prove To Everyone I Was Right”

PROGRESS Wrestling will return to The Electric Ballroom in Camden, London on Sunday 15th May for Chapter 134: No Mountain High Enough. Tickets for the event are available at this link.