Spoiler: Big Match Confirmed For WWE Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View

Triple H announced at Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown tapings that The Shield will face The Wyatt Family at next month’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Here’s the card so far:

Elimination Chamber for the WWE World Heavyweight Title
Randy Orton vs. Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena vs. TBA vs. TBA

The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family

WWE Elimination Chamber 2014 will take place on Sunday, February 23, 2014, from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We’ll have exclusive live play-by-play coverage here at PWMania.com.

  • cj

    Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! For The Shield vs The Wyatts. Please WWE creative, let the buildup leading to the ppv be good. Personally I would have saved this for Mania but hey

  • Marcus G.

    I agree CJ. I also hope it gets the proper build because this match has the potential to steal the show. Mania would’ve been good but I’ll take it at Elimination Chamber. Believe in The Shield!

  • James Humwood

    so far shield vs wyatts is the only good thing on this card cant wait though i expect the wyatts to go over to build the bray vs. cena match…. this might be the ppv where the shield breaks up or atleast teases it more but i hope not i love the shield

  • Raihan Khan

    sister abigail vs the spear :P

  • Marshall

    Is it just me or is this giving the fans what they want because they screwed the pooch at rumble? No build up to this just announcing it?