*Spoilers* Impact Wrestling Taping Results For 12/22

TNA taped the December 22nd episode of Impact Wrestling on Monday and Tuesday night from Orlando. Here are full spoilers, thanks to Eric:

(Taped Monday)

* Special referee Madison Rayne comes out and brings Tara and Miss Tessmacher to the ring. Madison sets up Tara vs. Tessmacher for tonight.

* Miss Tessmacher and Tara wrestle a long, drawn out match with Madison as the referee. They turn on her, lay her out and do the Tim Tebow pose in the ring.

* Eric Young and ODB beat Shannon Moore and Anarquia in the Wild Card Tag Team Tournament. Young and ODB got the win after Moore walked out on his partner.

(Taped Tuesday)

* Kaz and AJ Styles beat Daniels and Rob Van Dam in the Wild Card Tournament.

* Tony Nese beat Zema Ion in match #2 of their Best of 3 Series.

* James Storm comes out to run down Kurt Angle. Angle appears on video dressed like a cowboy and is looking for Storm in his hometown.

* Bobby Roode comes out with Bully Ray. Roode cuts a promo on Sting when Jeff Hardy interrupts. Hardy says he’s taking the World Title at Genesis and that’s that. Roode and Ray vs. Hardy and a partner of his choice is announced for tonight. Sting comes out with his paint on and he’s Hardy’s partner.

* We see Kurt Angle the cowboy again and he’s beating up people in a bar, wanting his rematch with Storm.

* Sting and Jeff Hardy won a Street Fight over Bobby Roode and Bully Ray.