Spoilers: Impact Wrestling Taping Results From 5/4/19 – ECW Legend Returns

Here are the Impact Wrestling spoilers from the 5/4/19 tapings courtesy of @DaveMuscarella:

– Glenn Gilbertti vs Tessa Blanchard. Tessa getting a huge ovation. Disco says “tonight, I’ll be your daddy.” Tessa wins the match in about 30 seconds.

– Moose, Ethan Page, and Josh Alexander are in the ring for a promo. Moose and Don Callis get into a bit of a argument after The North run down ECW.

– Desi Hit Squad vs The Deaners. The Deaners win with a rollup.

– No DQ Match, Killer Kross vs Eddie Edwards. You know it’s a no DQ match cause Eddie is in jeans. Sandman runs in and helps Eddie Edwards get the win. After the match, they play Enter Sandman and drink beers in the crowd.

– Willie Mack & Rich Swann vs Mike Elgin & Johnny Impact. Swann pins Johnny Impact for the win. Before the end, Elgin and Impact bumped into each other and Elgin left him and went to the back.

– Rosemary vs Taya Valkyrie, non-title. Su Yung still on a chain at ringside. Jessicka Havok w/ James Mitchell is here and takes out Rosemary AND Taya! She leaves with Su Yung too.

– Madman Fulton w/ Sami Callihan vs 2 guys who I didn’t catch the names of. Madman Fulton wins the handicap match.

– OVE (Crist brothers) vs Fallah Bahh & Scarlett Bordeaux. Scarlett just hit the Doomsday Device on Dave Crist! Only got a 2 count. OVE win after Dave Crist hits Fallah Bahh with a roll of quarters. After the match, OVE attack Scarlett but Tessa Blanchard makes the save.

– @JordynneGrace just absolutely murdered Kiera with a senton. My goodness. @JordynneGrace wins. Really good match. Jordynne was displaying a lot of power moves. Arn Anderson level spine buster. Impressive AF.

– LAX vs Rascalz for IMPACT tag titles. Ref bump. 2nd ref comes in and Rascalz win the titles!! BUT…. first ref reverses the decision and LAX retain the titles via DQ. Dusty finish, basically.

– Ace Austin vs Cousin Jake. Desi Hit Squad come out to distract Cody Deaner, which allows Ace Austin to get the win. Ace had nothing to do with the interference but didn’t help the Deaners either.

– Main event 6 man tag. Moose & The North vs Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, and RVD. Ethan Page gets put thru a table then RVD hits a 5 star frog splash for the win.