Spoilers: MLW Battle Riot III Taping Results From Philadelphia, PA (7/10)

Below are results from Saturday night’s MLW Battle Riot III event from Philadelphia, PA, courtesy of F4Wonline.com:

Delmi Exo (w/ Ashley Vox) defeated?

Alex Kane defeated Budd Heavy

Gino Medina defeated KC Navarro

The Von Erichs defeated Team Filthy’s Kevin Ku and Kit Osbourne in a bunkhouse brawl

Cesar Duran of Azteca Underground debuted with an in-ring promo, promising to bring the best luchadors with him. Azetca Underground is going to “promote fights” for MLW.

Injustice’s Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver were doing a promo about wanting a tag title shot when the new LAX interrupted: Rivera (Danny Limelight), Julius Smokes, Slice Boogie and Konnan. The two had a pull-apart.

Calvin Tankman defeated Lee Moriarty. Afterward, King Mo and Alex Kane suggested Tankman join ATT.

King Muertes defeated Richard Holliday for the Caribbean title after CONTRA Unit and Ikuro Kwon kicked Holliday.

National Openweight champion Alex Hammerstone defeated Tom Lawlor to retain

Willow Nightingale defeated Ashley Vox (w/ Delmi Exo)

Davey Richards defeated TJP

LAX (Rivera and Slice Boogie) defeated Jordan Oliver and Myron Reed

Aramis defeated Arez. This was said to be spectacular.

MLW World Champion Jacob Fatu defeated Matt Cross in a match booked by Duran

Alexander Hammerstone won Battle Riot III for a future World title shot. The 40 entrants includes Davey Richards, TJP, Gringo Loco, Savio Vega, Kwang (Vega), Tom Lawlor, LA Park (Lawlor), Rivera, Slice Boogie, Kimchee, Zicky Dice, Alexander Hammerstone, King Muertes, Richard Holliday, Zenshi, Lee Moriarty, Arez, Kevin Ku, Mads Krugger. Myron Reed, Gino Medina, Calvin Tankman, EJ Nduka, Marshall Von Erich, Ross Von Erich, Aramis, King Mo, Bu Ku Dao, Alex Kane, Shawn Daivari, Kit Osbourne, Josef Samael, Ikuro Kwon, Simon Gotch, Blue Meanie