*Spoilers* TNA Impact Taping Results For Tonight

TNA Wrestling taped October 21st edition of TNA Impact tonight from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Thanks to PWInsider.com and reader John Benoit for providing us with updates. Below are full results:

Dark Match:
*Stevie Richards pinned Mr. Pectacular.

TNA Impact: (Airing October 21, 2010)
*Mr Anderson, wearing his arm in a sling, comes out and demands to talk to Jeff Hardy. Instead, Rob Van Dam comes out and says that he wants Hardy too, so Anderson needs to get a spot in line. Hardy appears on the screen and asks both of them “for forgiveness.” Eric Bischoff comes out on the ramp and cuts a promo on Anderson, apologizing to him for not pushing Anderson hard enough. He tells Anderson that if he can defeat Kaz in an Ultimate X match, he will get the title shot at Hardy at Turning Point. Bischoff then tells RVD he didn’t forget about him and tonight it’s Van Dam and Sabu vs. Beer Money. Bischoff then warns Van Dam to watch his back, “…and maybe your friends.”

*Robbie E. pinned The Amazing Red and cut a promo demanding an X-Division title shot. There was a loud “boring” chant for the promo.

*Backstage, Fourtune cut a promo about their matches tonight and Ric Flair gets iced again.

*TNA TV champion AJ Styles pinned Pope Dinero in a Street Fight where Styles would lose the bout if Fourtune interfered. The fight starts on the stage as Styles gets rammed in the steel thing on the corner of the stage, then they make their way down to the ringside area. Pope is in control until a Styles low blow. Abyss finally appears and hits a Black Hole Slam on Pope and Styles scored the pin. Fourtune and Eric Bischoff come out to applaud Abyss and thank him.

*Rob Van Dam enters the EV2.0 locker room and demands to know what Bischoff was talking about and who’s been bought off. He assumes Raven and attacks him but the others pull him off.

*Jeff Jarrett comes out for a promo. The crowd is on him and chanting “You sold out.” Jarrett says he came out to publicly apologize for his actions against Kurt Angle last week and he regrets not being Angle down worse. Jarrett said he is the true king of the ring, not Kurt Angle and he’s the one who gave Angle a job in TNA when no one wanted him. Jarrett said he’s now stripped Angle of his price and his career. Samoa Joe came out and he wanted to attack Jarrett ut the security guards cut off Joe and handcuffed him. Jarrett beat down Joe and tossed him off the stage towards the backstage area. Mike Tenay started yelling at Jarrett.

*Beer Money defeated Sabu and Rob Van Dam when Sabu accidentally nailed him with a chair by accident and Robert Roode pinned him. Sabu tried to explain what happened but Van Dam didn’t want to hear it and nailed Sabu. They began fighting but EV2.0 ran out and separated them.

*Mickie James pinned Sarita. Tara attacked Mickie and laid her out with the Widow’s Peak.

*Kaz defeated Mr. Anderson in an Ultimate X match. Before the main event, Anderson is warming up backstage and has his shoulder heavily taped. As he is walking to the ring, Fourtune attacks him and beats him down before carrying him to the stage and tossing him down. Kaz climbs up to get the X but before he can get there, Anderson stops him. Anderson tries to climb the ropes but can’t as he’s too hurt. He tries to get a ladder but Fourtune rushes the ring and beat down Anderson. Matt Morgan powerbombs him and Kaz gets on his shoulders to grab the X. Anderson grabs a steel pipe to run off Fourtune but Jeff Hardy attacks him from behind with a steel chair and lays out Anderson. He places Anderson’s arm within the ladder and beat it with the chair.


*Eric Young pinned Magnus.