*Spoilers* TNA Impact Taping Results For Tonight

TNA Wrestling taped this week’s edition of TNA Impact from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Thanks to PWInsider.com for providing us with updates. Below are full results:

TNA Impact: (Airing tonight)

* Robbie E pinned X-Division champion Jay Lethal in a non-title street fight after Cookie sprayed something in Lethal’s eyes.

* Tara and Mickie James get into a brawl backstage and brawl outside, where all the other Knockouts and some of the wrestlers try to break it up. Flair does the flop during all this.

* Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair are backstage talking when a backstage employee questions Ken Anderson being forced to wrestle because Dixie Carter always looked out for the wrestlers. Bischoff buries Carter. During all this, it’s mentioned Hulk Hogan is off trying to sign someone.

* Pope Dinero cut a promo with a casket at ringside, basically setting up Pope vs. Abyss in a Casket Match.

* EV2.0 comes out and Tommy Dreamer says that all week, Rob Van Dam has been ignoring them. He says that Van Dam was the reason he came to TNA and what happened last week with Sabu was a mistake. Van Dam comes out and says he didn’t know who he could trust and Dreamer says he can always trust them and blamed everything on Bischoff and Hardy. Raven started laughing about the whole thing, which pissed off Van Dam. Fourtune came out and they announced Fourtune vs. EV2.0 for Turning Point with the gimmick being the winners get to fire someone from the losing team.

* The Motor City Machineguns defeated Ink Inc. and Generation Me. Team 3D came out and set up thjeir match with the Guns at Turning Point with a promo.

* Matt Morgan approached Eric Bischoff and told him Anderson shouldn’t be wrestling with a concussion. Bischoff blew him off. Morgan said guys should be out three months with one of those. Isn’t this the guy that laid out Hernandez with a kick to the head into the ringpost??? Bischoff said it was safe for Anderson and said Anderson would face Jeff Jarrett in a cage match.

* Sarita & Tara & Madison Rayne defeated Angelina Love & Velvet Sky & Mickie James.

* Douglas Williams & TNA TV champion AJ Styles defeated Rob Van Dam & Raven. Flair laid out Raven with the TV title belt, busting him open, so Raven wasn’t there to help Van Dam when he needed it and Rob was pissed off.

* Matt Morgan took Ken Anderson’s place in the chain match against Jeff Jarrett, but lost after a low blow. Morgan began working over Jarrett after a big comeback but Fourtune came out and turned on Morgan, laying him out to end the show.