*Spoilers* TNA IMpact Taping Results For 1/20

Thanks to TNAInsider.com for the following spoilers. Some of the segments might air on television in different order.

TNA Impact (Airing 1/20 on Spike TV):

* Kurt Angle is out first. Before his former wife and her new husband comes out he wants to set the record straight. She said last week it wasn’t about Kurt. He says it was about him because he went to bat for her and got her into TNA. Then when she was in, he’d turn around and look back and always see Karen with Jeff. He had no proof but look what happened. Then Jeff had to come out and make this personal. One thing they can’t take away is his character. He was a good husband and a good father. He did whatever he could for his family. Now they can do this the easy way or the hard way. The easy way is she comes out and they make amends and go their separate ways. The hard way is if she provokes him he’ll pull every skeleton out of her closet. Jarrett’s music hits and his entourage surrounds the ring. They try to get to Angle but he knocks them all off the apron. Angle asks if that’s all Jarret has? Immortal’s music hits and Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair stand at the ramp and smile. Five police officers then come out and make Kurt Angle leave with them.

* Non Title Match, Sarita vs. Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James vs. TNA Knockout Women’s Champion Madison Rayne. During the match, Tara ran out and hit James with her elbow pad, then Rayne went for a loaded glove hit but James moved and rolled Rayne up for the win.

* Rob Terry w/Ric Flair vs. Matt Morgan. Before the match starts, Flair asks if there’s a woman in the building who wouldn’t want to go home with Terry. Flair knows somewhere in the building Matt Morgan is here. Flair says a new big man is on campus. He calls out Matt Morgan to see what he’s got. Winner via Carbon Footprint, Matt Morgan. Five second match. Rob Terry turns around to a Carbon Footprint and the match is over. Flair attacks Morgan afterwards but his chops have no affect. Abyss runs down and tries as well but Morgan is able to fight him off too. He hits a side slam on Terry but Abyss comes to and attacks Morgan again. Terry and Abyss shoot Morgan off but Morgan hits a double clothesline. They finally gain the advantage after clipping Morgan’s leg. They proceed to beat up Morgan. Flair hits a low blow then Terry and Abyss hit a double chokeslam. They leave Morgan in the ring writhing in pain.

* Backstage, AJ Styles and Kazarian are talking. AJ Is telling Kazarian his match is important. Kazarian says he handles his business and is all about Fortune. He takes off, then Red’s brother grabs AJ and says he needs to be ready. In 2 weeks they’re coming and there’s nothing he or Immortal can do about it.

* For the TNA X Division Championship, Jay Lethal vs. Kazarian. Winner via reversed sunset flip, Kazarian.

* Jeff and Karen Jarrett come to the ring. “You sold out” chant starts. Jeff says what you are witnessing a great wife and mother as well as someone who is beautiful on the inside and outside. Loud “sloppy seconds” chant starts. He says you also see a victim, a victim of Kurt Angle. Karen is hard to hear because she doesn’t have a performer’s voice and doesn’t project. She talks for a minute and then Kurt Angle sneaks into the ring from the crowd and German suplexes Jeff. Karen stops Kurt and Karen and Kurt have a stare down. Karen slaps Angle and this gives Jeff a chance to hit a low blow on Angle. Jeff proceeds to start beating on Angle as Karen cheers him on. Jeff finishes Angle off with a kick to the junk and leaves Angle in a heap.

* Backstage Angle is shown flipping out, throwing things around, beating on a garbage can and destroying stuff.

* Tommy Dreamer vs. Jeff Hardy. Winner via Twist of Hate, Jeff Hardy.

* Kurt Angle is shown walking around backstage with a baseball bat.

* Ric Flair is on the phone and AJ Styles comes up to him out of breath. He tries to tell Flair about how they’re coming but Flair dismisses him and says they is us. Does he want to piss Bischoff off? Flair instead ices AJ and makes him drink the Smirnoff Ice. Kurt Angle comes up and hits AJ with the bat. Flair asks him what his problem is. Kurt chokes Flair and says he wants a match with Jarrett. Not an exhibition but a match.

* Main event, Beer Money vs. Rob Van Dam & Mr. Anderson. RVD hit a Frog Splash on Storm but Jeff Hardy ran out and distracted the referee. Matt Hardy runs in and hits a Twist of Hate on RVD. Winners: Beer Money

* Backstage Brian Kendrick is shown talking to Brother Ray. Ray turns around and yells at him that his name is Bully Ray. Kendrick is trying to teach Ray relaxation techniques. He tells Ray to close his eyes and breathe in deep. Ray asks Kendrick to show him again. Kendrick closes his eyes and Ray shoves Kendrick into the lockers and says he feels better already.

* Ric Flair is in Eric Bischoff’s office with Jeff Jarrett and Bischoff. Flair is freaking out about Angle and says he’s out of control. Bischoff says he’ll handle things.

* Devon comes to the ring. He says Ray is in the back shoving people into lockers. Why doesn’t he come out here and let Devon finish what he started at the pay-per-view and that’s whooping Ray’s a–. Bully Ray makes his way to the ring. Before he gets in, Brian Kendrick attacks him from behind and rolls him in. Devon hits some shots on Ray. Ray tries to use his wallet chain on Devon but Devon grabs it. Security stops Devon from using it but then Ray hits a cheap shot on Devon. Ray beats up the security guys and gets them out of the ring. Ray then places Devon’s head in a chair and hits the chair with his chain.

* Kurt Angle is shown walking backstage again.