Spoilers: TNA Impact Wrestling Genesis Taping Results For 1/23

TNA Wrestling taped the January 23, 2014 Genesis episode of Impact Wrestling Thursday night in Huntsville, AL. PWMania.com will have more detailed spoiler results later today. Here are full TNA Impact Wrestling Genesis spoilers:

TNA Impact Wrestling Genesis

* Kurt Angle defeated Bobby Roode in a steel cage. Angle did a big moonsault off the top of the cage.

* Austin Aries defeated Chris Sabin to win the X Division Title. Velvet Sky was in the cage at ringside and Aries teased being with her.

* Samoa Joe beat Rockstar Spud.

* Gunner defeated James Storm with his briefcase on the line.

* Bro Mans and Zema Ion beat Eric Young down until Abyss made the save to a big pop.

* Magnus defeated Sting with the World Heavyweight Title and Sting’s contract on the line. This match saw a ton of interference and was just like Magnus vs. Styles. Joe and Angle tried to help Sting but couldn’t. After the match, Magnus ripped up Sting’s contract and sent him packing.

  • Adam

    Do you mean to tell me that once again, we still don’t get to see Davey Richards, and Eddie Edwards in a match? We don’t get any word on this new investor? Really?

    • Y.C.C.L

      Is just some spoilers. Segments are not there

    • Brian

      maybe sting is the investor

  • Michael John Laurence Roche

    another random X Division title change, great

  • Guest

    Looks like Sting’s actually going to WWE this time. Meltzer says both parties have been negotiating, and now there’s this angle.

    Of all the years we’ve had Sting-to-WWE rumours, this seems to be the real deal.

    • Malignant

      Nah, he’s the anonymous investor.

      • Terry Lashley

        damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought maybe flair or Hogan as the invester was hoping to see sting take down the streak at wrestlemania man now we have to settle for brock comin up short against the streak oh well anyone think that mick foley may be the invester

  • Brian

    wonder if sting will get a contract from the new investor or if he is the investor

    • Malignant

      Sting’s involved either way. He’s not going to WWE, that’s for sure.

  • John Bos

    Interesting man.

  • guest2014

    Sting may be going to the WWE. He wants to be in the hall of fame and Vince isnt going to give it to him based in his WCW run so it makes sense that he would go now. Impact is a sinking ship with too many holes, a sad story, but the truth none the less

  • Christian

    WHERE DA F##K IS HARDY did he 4real quit and this storyline is so boring without styles and sting because ALL the people who quit or are gone are better and everyone knows that so whats the point of this story line when you need veiwers to think your dominant on your own