*Spoilers* TNA Impact Wrestling Taping Results For 2/23

– TNA taped the February 23rd episode of Impact Wrestling on Monday and Tuesday night in Orlando at the Impact Zone. Thanks to Eric for the following spoilers that will air in two weeks on Spike:

Taped Monday:

* New York Giant Brandon Jacobs comes to the ring and talks about his friend James Storm. Jacobs calls out Bully Ray for spitting in his face last week. Ray does good mic work here but says he’s not going to waste his time on someone who barely got any yardage in the Super Bowl. Jacobs exits the ring and chases Ray off to the back.

* The main event of the show is taped – James Storm and Jeff Hardy beat Bully Ray and Kurt Angle in a No DQ Match. Brandon Jacobs was in the corner of Hardy and Storm for the match. Jacobs chokeslammed Ray through a table towards the end of the show. Jacobs and Storm celebrated to end it.

Taped Tuesday:

* Bobby Roode opened the tapings and runs down Sting. Roode says he has forced Sting into retirement and everyone can say their goodbyes later tonight. Roode calls ending Sting’s career the best moment of his own career.

* Samoa Joe and Magnus defended the TNA Tag Team Titles successfully against Crimson and Matt Morgan when Crimson accidentally hit his partner. After the match, they argued and Crimson walked out.

* Zema Ion beat Alex Shelley while Austin Aries watched from ringside.

* Gail Kim beat ODB in a non-title match. During the match, Madison Rayne came down to watch. She celebrated with Gail after the win but Gail was hesitant.

* AJ Styles bat Robbie E. with the TV Title on the line but by DQ. The DQ came when Kazarian and Daniels interfered.

* Sting comes out and says the job is too much for him and he’s finished. Roode comes out and plays the heel. Sting starts putting face paint on and says Roode has caused him to feel alive now. Sting says he is going to whoop Roode’s butt at Victory Road. Roode tries to get a cheap shot in but Sting blocks it. Sting drops Roode and tells him to get ready for Victory Road before tossing the microphone at him.