Spoilers: WWE NXT Taping Results Including The Fate Of The Tag Team Titles

Thanks to Mr. Jacob Cohen for the following spoilers from the 5/1/19 NXT TV tapings:

– Beth Phoenix debuted on the commentary team.

– The Viking Raiders are out IVAR says they have brutalized the tag division on Raw ERIK says they are far from done raiding Raw and calls out William Regal. Regal out, ERIK says that since they know nobody can take the belts from them, they will relinquish the belts to him But out come Street Profits

Montez says that they didn’t beat them a few weeks ago, but they know they can beat the Viking Raiders. They say that they are relinquishing them since they know that the Street Profits can beat The Viking Raiders. The Viking Raiders tell Regal to make the match

– Keith Lee defeats Cezar Bononi

– Kushida defeats Kona Reeves. Drew Gulak was out scouting the match.

– Vanessa Borne defeats Jessie.

– The Viking Raiders vs Street Profits for the NXT Tag Team Titles. The Forgotten Sons come out and cause a disqualification, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch come out to brawl too. The Viking Raiders salute the crowd, take a bow, and leave the belts in the ring. Looks like this is the last we will see of The Viking Raiders in NXT.

– Xia Li defeats Rachael Evers.

– The Undisputed Era is out, Cole says the rumors are not true, The Undisputed Era is stronger than it has ever been and they are all on the same page, they will take what they want when they want to, in 2 weeks at Takeover O’Reilly & Fish will get the Tag belts and in 2 weeks at Takeover Cole will beat Gargano for the NXT Title. Gargano out, he says Cole can have the title match, but deep down Cole knows he cannot beat Gargano on his own Cole says he beat Gargano in the first fall in NY. Gargano says he won the match.Riddle did a run in from the crowd to attack Roddy. Riddle and Gargano clear house of The Undisputed Era

– Mansoor defeats Sean Maluta

– Velveteen Dream out, Dream says he is in high demand, out comes Tyler Breeze. Prince Pretty is Home, much like Dream, Tyler has everyone talking about him in NXT, but since the Fashion left it feels a little dull, there are wannabes and cheap knock offs, but there can only be one Prince Pretty. Dream welcomes Breeze back to The Dream’s NXT, he doesn’t know how they do it on Raw or SD, The NXT Universe wants a real man, not a boy who plays cops and robbers, just because he couldn’t cut it on M or T doesn’t mean he could come back here. Breeze wants a shot at the NXT North American Title. Dream says the line starts outside, but he can get a selfie with the champ before he leaves. They take the selfie and Tyler Breeze decks The Velveteen Dream.

– Aichner & Barthel defeat Team 3.0.

– At Takeover there will be a 4 way Tag Title Match between Undisputed Era, Street Profits, Burch & Lorcan, & The Forgotten Sons.

– Candice LeRae defeats Reina Gonzalez. The Horsewomen attack Candice after the match, Io Shirai makes the save with a Kendo Stick.

– Undisputed Era defeat Gargano & Riddle with some help from Cole & Roddy. Undisputed Era beat them down after the match and stand united over Gargano.

– Mia Yim defeats Bianca Belair.

– Kushida defeats Drew Gulak. Gulak claiming he kicked out, arguing with Kushida after the match, they may do this match again at a future show.

– Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs The Forgotten Sons. Street Profits run in and cause a DQ. The Forgotten Sons beat up everyone with chairs. Undisputed Era run in and beat down The Forgotten Sons. The beat them down with a ladder, not sure if that implies anything.