*Spoilers* WWE Raw Taping Results For Tonight

WWE taped tonight’s edition of Raw today from the Manchester Evening News Arena in Manchester, England. Thanks to WNW & PWMania reader Jamie Penn for providing us with live updates. Below are full results:

WWE Raw (Airing tonight on the USA Network):

* Michael Cole and Josh Mathews are on commentary, no Jerry Lawler

* John Cena comes out to open the show. Wade Barrett comes out next and says he has to deal with The Nexus invading Smackdown last week. Cena calls out Randy Orton. The match between Orton and Barrett will be a submissions match. It’s announced the show will be headlined by The Nexus vs. Team Orton with Cena as the referee. The Raw General Manager will announce Team Orton later in the broadcast.

* The Bella Twins & Eve b . Alicia Fox, Maryse & Tamina following a Brie and Nikki switch. The Bella Twins and Eve were wearing Manchester United merchandise while Maryse was wearing Liverpool merchandise.

* Backstage segment featuring The Nexus. David Otunga tells them if they want a leader he will show them a leader later tonight.

* The Hart Dynasty vs. The Uso’s. The Uso’s pick up the win. DH Smith tried to walk out and Natalya stopped him. Tyson Kidd got knocked out of the ring and Smith ultimately was pinned for the loss.

* Backstage, Wade Barrett informs David Otunga he won’t be on The Nexus against Team Orton tonight as he’ll face John Cena. Barrett says he is expected to give his all and he’ll be telling Cena the same thing. Mathews does the “sign of the night” during a break.

* The Miz interrupts Randy Orton and says he is on Orton’s team tonight. Old School Raw is promoted and a segment called “Tea Time with Sheamus” with Santino Marella is plugged for later.

* Goldust defeated Ted DiBiase Jr.
During the match Aksana comes out and steals the Million Dollar Championship from Maryse. As DiBiase is distracted, Goldust steals the victory.

* John Cena vs. David Otunga w/The Nexus. Wade Barrett and The Nexus leave before the match start. Otunga runs out of the ring and up the ramp after the bell rings but Cena chases him down and takes him back to the ring. Cena hits the 5 Knuckle Shuffle and makes Otunga tap in the STF. I’m told the crowd was very anti-Cena.

* It was announced that Otunga will face Edge on Friday’s WWE Smackdown television show. If Otunga loses the match, he is out of Nexus.

* “Team Time with Sheamus” featuring Santino Marella as guest. There’s a black mat down in the ring with a table and chairs with tea and crumpets on a table. Santino and Vladimir Kozlov come out dressed in smart suits and bowler hates. Satino wants to make peace with Sheamus with an old fashion tea party. Sheamus comes out and calls Kozlov a donkey. Santino jokes on Sheamus, asking him if he wants ginger tea or if he takes his tea with milk. Santino gives other reasons why Sheamus is so angry. He ends up spilling tea on Sheamus, making Sheamus irate. Sheamus tips over the table and goes after Santino. The Raw GM interrupts, emailing in that there will be a match right now.

* Sheamus vs. Santino Marella. Santino spends the majority of the match running away from Sheamus. He even goes into the crowd, causing the Raw GM to email in saying if he doesn’t work the match he will be suspended. Santino gets back in the ring and attempts the cobra. Sheamus counters immediately but Santino gives Sheamus a low blow and is disqualified. Santino celebrates but Sheamus gets up and takes Santino out. John Morrison comes out for the save, sending Sheamus to the outside.

* Backstage, there is a segment with Wade Barrett and John Cena but it’s nearly inaudible to the crowd because the sounds was very low. However, Barrett reassured after Survivor Series Cena would be left alone.

* Randy Orton, R-Truth, Mark Henry, Daniel Bryan & The Miz vs. The Nexus with John Cena as the referee. Every member of The Nexus aside from Wade Barrett is take out. David Otunga comes out and stands in the corner of The Nexus. He tried to get in the match but John Cena (referee) wouldn’t let him. When everyone was down, Orton went for the RKO but Alex Riley grabbed him and The Miz hit him with the Money in the Bank briefcase, costing his team the match. The Nexus stand at the top of the ramp after the bout celebrating while Orton looks on to end the show.

Dark Match Main Event:

* WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus. Orton picked up the win after hitting Barrett with the title belt.