*Spoilers* WWE Smackdown Taping Results For 1/14

Thanks to Danny of http://realwrestlecrap.proboards.com for the following spoilers:

Dark match- Showtime Percy Watson defeated Tyler Reks

Superstars–Chris Masters and JTG defeated Chavo Guerrero and Curt Hawkins. Fun back and forth match, Masters won with a Masterlock on Chavo.

Smackdown opened with Kofi celebrating his title win from last week. Jack Swagger interrupted, which led to-
Kofi Kingston defeating Jack Swagger. Not sure if this was a title match. Fun back and forth match, Kofi won with the SOS, but it appeared the ending was botched when Swagger didn’t kick out at the right time.

Next, they filmed the opening and pyro. Del Rio came out and put himself over and talked about winning the Rumble. He was interrupted by R-Truth, who was interrupted by Dashing Cody Rhodes, who was interrupted by Rey Mysterio. A brawl was broken up by Teddy Long, which led to–
Rey Mysterio and Rtruth defeated Cody Rhodes and Alberto Del Rio. Another fun back and forth match, Rey won after a 619 and top rope splash onto Rhodes. Mysterio slipped off the rope performing the splash, and laughed it off afterward.

Trent Barretta beat Drew McIntyre. Drew dominated the match, was looking to Gorilla press Barretta over the top, when he slipped off for a quick roll-up win.

McIntyre attacked Barretta in the back, but stopped when Kelly Kelly walked in. He apologized and told her he had aggression issues, and she told him she didn’t like being around people who cause others pain, and told him to grow up.

Wade Barrett vs Big Show went to a no contest. When Big Show had the upper hand, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel stormed the ring to help Wade. Ezekiel Jackson also showed up and joined in on the beat down. They all joined hands and celebrated together.

Beth Phoenix defeated Michelle McCool. McCool controlled most of the match and worked over Beths injured knee. Finish came when Beth went for the Glam Slam and Michelle rolled through for a pin, but Beth rolled back through for the win. Layla and Michelle are both great looking women, and Beth is pretty hot too.

Cutting Edge with special guests Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero. Lots of back and forth and jabs at Vickie. She gets amazing heat, I could barely hear when she talked, and I was front row. She said Dolph was a real man, and showed footage of Edge making out with Alicia Fox the day before he married Vickie. Edge said he also had some footage to share, and showed AJ and Primo walking in on Dolph and Kaitlyn making out 2 months ago. Edge knocked Dolph out of the ring. Vickie slapped him several times, and he looked to spear her, but was pulled from the ring and beat down by Dolph. He and Vickie stood over Edge and made out to close the show. Very good segment.