*Spoilers* Detailed WWE SmackDown Taping Results For 6/15

WWE taped this week’s SmackDown Tuesday night from Manchester, New Hampshire at the Verizon Wireless Arena. Below are full results:

Dark Match

Dean Ambrose lost to Big E Langston billed from Manchester, New Hampshire.

WWE SmackDown

Smackdown opens with A.J. coming to the ring, and she is quickly interrupted by Vickie Guerrero. Big-time heat for Vickie. Out comes Dolph Ziggler to quite a few cheers. Vickie then slaps A.J., and cue Cult of Personality. C.M. Punk plugs the main event tonight, which brings out Daniel Bryan to a huge chorus of Yes! chants. Sheamus is out next to complete the main event group. The crowd really popped for all four guys during this. The main event match starts now, and A.J. wants a piece of Vickie. Solid start.

(1) Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero) & Daniel Bryan beat WWE champion C.M. Punk & World Hvt. champion Sheamus. Entertaining opener with Ziggler pinning Sheamus after Vickie interferes, leading to an A.J.-Vickie brawl. Kane comes out to help A.J., then Punk and Kane and Bryan brawl with Kane chokeslamming both. Great work from A.J.

(2) Brodus Clay beat Heath Slater. Disco ball just dropped, and we all know what that means. Fresh off being crushed by Vader, Heath Slater comes out after a decent promo from Clay. Quick squash.

David Otunga runs in after the match to set up their No Way Out pre-show match. Nice to see Clay selling Otunga’s offense to make it seem like it will be anything but a squash on Sunday.

(3) Beth Phoenix beat Alicia Fox. Layla joins commentary. Squash for Beth, then a stare down with Layla.

Big Johnny time. Laurinaitis makes a public apology to Vince McMahon for Big Show knocking him out. Cut to video recap of Raw. Johnny then brings out Show, who cuts a promo about never being allowed to be himself. Good heel promo.

(4) IC champion Christian beat Jack Swagger (w/Vickie Guerrero) in a non-title match. Quick win for Christian.

Afterward, Swagger whines, and out comes Triple H to a huge ovation. Quick Pedigree to Swagger and Trips chases Vickie out.

(5) Ryback beat two jobbers. No pyro tonight, of note. Typical Ryback squash with all of his spots.

(6) Damien Sandow beat Tyson Kidd. Yet another squash match on the card.

John Cena comes out to a loud and mixed reaction. He says he’s looking for Big Show and out comes John Laurinaitis. Big Johnny claims that he sent Show home. Cena then punches out Big Johnny even though he was warned he would be fired if he attacked him and then lost on Sunday. So, someone is getting fired.

End taping.

Dark Match: John Cena beat Big Show & David Otunga & John Laurinaitis in a handicap match. Cena wins after Show accidentally knocks out Otunga with a WMD that missed by about a foot. Cena with the AA to Laurinaitis and everyone cheers to end the show.

(Thanks to PWTorch.com for results.)