Stardom and NJPW to Introduce New IWGP Women’s Title

Later this year, the first-ever IWGP Women’s Champion will be crowned.

The IWGP Women’s Title will be unveiled at the NJPW x Stardom event on Sunday, November 20, at Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan, it was announced today during the Stardom 2022 Strategy Meeting.

Mostly on NJPW shows, the IWGP Women’s Title will be defended at events in Japan and the US.

According to the official Stardom Twitter account, “The IWGP Women’s championship is for NJPW events. It’s possible that it could be defended on big Stardom events though. Stardom’s main title remains the World of Stardom title (the Red Belt) along with the Wonder of Stardom title (the White Belt).”

The Stardom Twitter added that the primary titles used for Stardom events will not be replaced by the new title.

“Please note, this belt does not usurp the Red and White Belts in any way. They are the main titles for Stardom events,” they wrote.

Earlier this month, NJPW made the announcement that they would start including women’s matches on its US shows while concentrating on a “gender-less and more integrated” environment in Japan. A few mixed tag team matches will be featured at the combined NJPW x Stardom event on November 20.