Stephanie McMahon Addresses A 2nd Evolution PPV

In an interview with, Stephanie McMahon was asked about a 2nd Evolution PPV for the female WWE superstars:

“We haven’t announced any plans yet for Evolution but we have a lot of things in the works right now,” Stephanie said. “One thing that is important to note with Evolution that it was our first ever all-women’s streaming special pay per view is that it trended #1 world wide for two and a half hours during the last game of the World Series and during NFL Sunday Night Football. Both huge audiences in the United States but it was WWE Evolution that was trending No 1.”

There has been recent internet speculation that WWE is attempting to work out a deal with Saudi Arabia officials for women to have matches in the country this year. WWE has two events in the country coming up on Friday, May 3rd and Friday, November 1st.