Stephanie McMahon On Next Goal For WWE Women’s Wrestling, Triple H’s Influence

Stephanie McMahon spoke with Cathy Kelley earlier today before the WWE Evolution pay-per-view event. Here are the highlights.

Women possibly headlining WrestleMania:

“I hope the legacy of [WWE Evolution] will be that it’s not so groundbreaking or Earth shattering to have an all-women’s event. I hope to see our women main event WrestleMania. Every match at WrestleMania is a main event, but I want to see them close the show. The way they have successfully in so many other shows. We want true gender parity and equality on the WWE roster and I’m just so anxious to get there, but today is hugely important step in that mission.”

Triple H’s influence on women’s wrestling:

“He started recruiting elite athletes, male and female, the same all over the world. He started training the women same as the men. Bringing in the first-ever women’s coach, Sara Amato. On the live events he was giving women the same amount of match time. On television at NXT the same amount of match time, and when these women were given the opportunity they were quite often stealing the show. That’s when the WWE Universe started chanting ‘women’s wrestling’ and ‘this is wrestling’ and that is really the biggest moment that gave rise to the ‘give divas a chance’ chant and hashtag that happened for WWE in 2015.”