Steve Austin and Corey Graves Comment On CM Punk’s Return

While appearing on the State of Combat podcast, Steve Austin discussed CM Punk joining the WWE Backstage show. Here is what Austin said courtesy of

”I don’t know if it leads to anything more, I guess speculation, to be determined, we’ll find out. Just the fact that he’s returned to be doing business with WWE, I love, because I don’t know, they split up on bad terms, and now they’re back in business together. CM Punk was a lights out pro-wrestler, great promos, great work, great talent, so to have him back in the fold, obviously, I guess they ironed out whatever they need to iron out, and both sides are happy, so it’s great to have CM Punk back in the pro-wrestling/sports entertainment business. It’s a breath of fresh air because the guy brings a great perspective, great insight, and great opinion on all things sports entertainment.”

– During his After The Bell podcast, Corey Graves commented on CM Punk’s return to WWE television. Here is what Graves said courtesy of

”I know I was shocked, everybody was shocked, and everybody has an opinion, everybody has a thought. My thought is this – it is a great move by FOX. FOX wants to get viewers and wants to get eyes on FS1?” Graves asked. “What better way than to get the man who’s name is still chanted in arenas worldwide. One of the most controversial superstars ever in our business, CM Punk, back on WWE’s backstage as a periodic reporter? I’m not entirely sure what the role is. I’m sure by the time this airs, he will have been on and the world will know significantly more than I do at this point.”

“This, of course, has fueled rumors and speculation plenty – is Punk coming back to the WWE fold? Is he going to compete again? Punk himself has said that he’s not interested in wrestling anymore,” Graves continued. “But as his appearance alone proved, you can never say never in the WWE.”