Steve Austin Comments On If His Podcast Will Return To WWE Network

Steve Austin talked about the status of his Stone Cold Podcast on the WWE Network and more on the latest edition of the Steve Austin Show. Here are the highlights:

On whether there are plans to doing more Stone Cold Podcast on the WWE Network: “Man, I don’t know. I don’t know. That’s a good question. We signed up for 12 of those, we did 12, and then we stopped. So we’ll see if talks continue and sign that thing back up or not. But we fulfilled them, then we stopped.”

On writing his first book: “When WWE wanted me to write that first book, I said, ‘Man, I don’t want to do it.’ But then after I left the company for six, eight months, whatever it was when I walked out, took my ball and went home, I got back in with them. We buried the hatchet. I figured, ‘Okay, I’ll go ahead and write a book.’ That’s how that book was born. I never did really want to write a book, so when it came to the actual writing process, I’ve sat down with Dennis Brent. I’ve sat down with Jim Ross, longtime friend. I flew to Oklahoma, stayed at his house. Jim and Dennis did a hell of a job writing that book, but it was such a painful process.”

On writing the forward to JR’s upcoming book: “[Ross] asked me to write the foreword for him and so I did and it took me about four months and Jim was calling me about every week asking me if I had done that foreword. Writing a foreword for one of my best friends was painful and I’m glad I did it because I love Jim Ross, but for me to write another book, I quite simply don’t have the attention span or the desire to writing anything else that I’ve done.”