Steve Austin Responds To Ahmed Johnson Racism Story

During a recent edition of his podcast, Steve Austin and Mark Henry had a discussion about Ahmed Johnson.

In a recent interview, Johnson had made a claim about racism during his time in WWE:

“I was supposed to work against Shawn (Michaels) for the World Championship, but that kept getting pushed back further and further. There were people getting hurt and different things happening. I believe that if things would have went by the book the way I wanted to I would have probably been World Champion.

I do think that it was behind my back, not just from what Shawn was saying, but some other racist boys were saying, I really do.

Because with the things I heard from some of the boys about what Shawn was saying about handing over the belt to an African American and this, that, and the other. Then when I won the Intercontinental belt, someone scratched, ‘Congratulations Ni**er’ on my car — on my rental car.

Then you got some people saying it was Shawn, some saying it was Steve (Austin). I don’t know which one it was but they were all too cowardly to stand up to it.”

Austin addressed what Johnson said:

“That guy has said things about me that were untrue,” Austin said. “Not a fan either. Thank you for attesting to [me not being a racist]. I’ve never been able to address that because I’ve never had the- never needed to. That’s a completely fabricated story and is complete horse sh*t and I’ve maintained my silence and this is the first time ever I’ve addressed it or talked about it.”

Henry added the following:

“I would attest that you are not a racist,” Henry said. “You ain’t have to validate [Johnson’s] stupidity. I’m glad we can address it because the source that it came from was not valid enough for anybody to believe it anyways.”