Steve Maclin Speaks Out On WWE Rebranding NXT, Being Placed In Impact’s X-Division

Steve Maclin made an appearance on Fightful Pro Wrestling & MMA Podcast to discuss a wide range of topics. Here are the highlights:

WWE NXT 2.0:

“I’m very happy about what’s going on there. I’ve had this conversation with a lot of people, even those who were there in NXT during 2014 when I got there,” Maclin said. He continued: “That’s what the vision was supposed to be of all these athletes that it’s a product that gets pushed to the main roster. It gets you ready. It changed where there was this influx of indie talent. It got so hot, and it was a bubble that needed to burst, and it worked. Then obviously after a while, it didn’t work. It’s just something that’s different. If it’s something you want to tune in to, go ahead.”

Whether he knew he was going to be put in the X-Division when he came to Impact Wrestling:

“No. So originally when I was getting signed was before Slammiversary and I was told, ‘Hey, we want to bring you in as a tag team.’ I’m like, ‘Ok, well I have a partner who just let go as well.’ That’s kind of how it worked out with Wesley Blake,” Maclin shared. “About a week later, they said we’re going to bring you in before Slammiversary and get the vignettes going. Blake and I sat down and we had a conversation. We were obviously at a crossroads in our careers, but I was like, I need to do singles. I’ve never done that on my own. I’ve tried and it never worked with NXT at the time just because of the influx. That’s why we became a tag team, but the influx of talent, that’s just the way it worked, but you find a way to get on TV. So now here I am riding a roller coaster, and since it started, I’m having so much fun, especially X-Division because it’s such a clash of styles.”