Sting Claims He Planned To Push Hard To Wrestle The Undertaker After Seth Rollins Match

WWE Hall of Famer Sting was recently a guest on The Apter Chat where he talked about how if he didn’t get hurt wrestling Seth Rollins at Night Of Champions (2015) then he would’ve pushed hard for a match with The Undertaker. Here is what he had to say (H/T to Wrestling Inc):

“It’s a dream match for sure for [pro] wrestling fans all over the world and it was a dream match for me too.” Sting continued, “I’ve never heard The Undertaker reciprocate that once, so I don’t know how he feels about it exactly, but I always wanted to have one match with him. But by the time I got my foot in the door with WWE, even at my first WrestleMania, I had hopes that some [way] or another, I could end up doing [it]. And I wanted it to be my last match, against Undertaker, to go out like that. And I think there was probably potential for it to happen, and then, I got hurt!”

“I mean, I was just doing one-offs with them.” Sting recalled, “yep, that’s exactly what it was and I was making it known that I would like to have that last match with Taker. I think that if I could have made it through that last match with Seth, I was really going to push hard to see if I could get that WrestleMania [program] with Taker.”