Sting, Jeff Hardy & Eric Bischoff Reflect On Victory Road 2011 Main Event

Jeff Hardy, Sting and Eric Bischoff all spoke about the Victory Road 2011 during the latest WWE 24 special on The Hardys.

If you recall, Hardy battled Sting for the TNA World Title at the event and the match ended in less than thirty seconds as Hardy was high on somas at the time, and it could be considered the lowest point of his career. Here are highlights, via Wrestling Inc:

Hardy on his soma abuse:

“I had to wrestle Sting, one of my all-time favorite wrestlers and I couldn’t even perform. I was all soma’ed up. And he pretty much had to throw me down to the mat. I was just out of my mind. I was like a damn zombie out there. “Everybody was mad at me. AJ Styles was there and I know that he was pissed off. It was like, ‘man, I can’t believe he even works here.’”

Bischoff on letting Hardy go to the ring:

“Hardy’s music played and there was no Jeff. Hardy’s music’s playing and there’s still no Jeff. And at that point, I started getting a little bit concerned. And I remember looking over to my left and I saw people literally helping Jeff into the backstage area. Against my better judgment, I let Jeff walk by me and I watched him go to the ring and I knew. I just knew it wasn’t going to work. It really wasn’t my call. I just took it upon myself and I called it. And on my way out to the ring, I thought I’m either going to help this guy out of the ring or I’m going to knock him out.”

Sting on how he felt:

“He was in no condition to have a match, so ‘pin him, get it over with quick.’ I wasn’t even mad at him. I was disappointed. I mean, yeah, everybody was disappointed.”

Styles’ reaction to Hardy:

“I was very upset because I’m giving my body, my career, to this place and some guy just comes in here and throws it all away because it’s not important to him.”