Strategies for Betting on Professional Wrestling

Wrestling is a pinnacle of global sport and is quickly becoming more popular with each event. Today, you can find it at every online betting site. It is sports entertainment, meaning it is scripted. Betting on this predetermined game has been there for over a decade and is not new to the betting market.

How to Strategically Bet on Professional Wrestling

Betting on professional wrestling mostly happens online on sites such as Comeon. In most bookies, you can expect to find odds in wrestling events. Before making betting attempts on professional wrestling, be sure to check the gaming legality.

In professional wrestling, betting odds are set the same way as any other sport. Here, you will be betting on the player likely to win the match.

Like is the case in any other sport, some research is required. This should help you place your bets based on the previous winnings. Because wrestling is scripted, do not focus on the wrestler’s skills or their physical built. You only need to follow the patterns used by the writers. That may include:

The approach towards individual wrestlers
Habits of the writers
The surprises seen in the past

Writers have personal preferences despite being top-tier professionals. It means they can be biased. As much as they may try to be random, many times, the scenarios are repetitive. Think like a writer when betting, and remember that you are not focusing on the outcome of the competition but of a TV show.

Once you learn and understand these patterns, you can crack the code and bet successfully. One of the things you need to look out for is the odds you feel are off. Although some believe that there are people with wrestling insider knowledge informing bookies for profit, not every betting site is susceptible to this.

The other strategy would be to bet on handicaps. Odds are often predictable but is not the case with handicaps. Because handicaps tend to be a little less predictable, betting on them can be risky while at the same time allowing for lesser expense and higher volumes of betting.

Betting Tips

1. The Storyline
Where is the story directed on the show? Look out for the wrestler made to come out stronger. Understand that this is done intentionally to confuse the viewers. If, for instance, a champion is beaten in every show over a period, this is done to create doubt in the viewers about them retaining their title.

2. Past Performance
Take your time to go through previous data. Look into the champion records to make the right decision when betting.

3. Know the Competitors
Who will be challenging each other in the next match? Look into their developments. Just like in any other sport, you are likely to find details on the wrestler likely to be injured. For instance, you could look for information about the length of the contract of each competitor. If someone is almost leaving the match, there are high chances of them getting the winning push.

4. TV Presence
Who is getting too much quality time on TV? This should give you a clue on who the company is trying to crown.

5. Match Location
Find out the city the event will be taking place. More often than not, champions are made to lose in their hometown.

Common Bets
Wrestling is not a very huge market, meaning you cannot expect too much from it. One of the best aspects of it is that it is available in different varieties. It may not have equal betting options as other highly rated sports such as soccer, but it does have special bets.

Most of the bets you are likely to find are winner bets. Most bookmakers give prop bets, with the most interesting being:

First-time winner: Here, you are expected to place your bet on the first-time wrestler you believe will win the tournament, the season, or the match.

First to appear: Here, you get to bet on the wrestler you believe will show up first. You only need to make a prediction on the player you believe will have their intro played first.

Longest ring time: Here, you predict the wrestler likely to stay on the ring the longest. If your pick gets blown out foo fast, it can be frustrating.

Appearance: This is a random process, whereby a player places a wager on people most likely to be featured on the event. It could be anyone from politicians to any other public figure.

Bout Outcome: Betting on bout outcome can be tricky. Here, you are expected to predict how the event will end and not the wrestler likely to win. Do not place a wager on this bet if you do not know much about wrestling.

In terms of the number and the type of wagering opportunities available to you, it will depend on the sports betting site you choose to place wagers at.

Betting on wrestling can be exciting, but it is crucial that you know some lingo before wagering. While it is scripted to offer thrilling entertainment, a player can bet on all actions.