Superstar Billy Graham On WWE Calling Him This Week

WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham took to Facebook this week to thank the company for reaching out to check on him.

We noted back in late September how Graham was hospitalized at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix after dealing with some heart issues, specifically an irregular heartbeat and fluid on his lungs. He was released a few days later, but was very weak and called the hospitalization a “very serious heart episode,” noting that he has a “steroid damaged heart.”

In an update, Graham noted this week how his wife Valerie took a phone call from someone at WWE, who wanted to call and see how he was doing, wish him a speedy recovery, and get him back on track.

“Yes fans, what a surprise Valerie had this morning and then I had when after I got out of the shower that a man from the WWE had called to check on my health condition,” Graham wrote. “I said, wow….that is strange… what did he say. She said well, ‘He just introduced himself and I recognized his name. Then he said that ‘WE’ wanted to find out how Billy is doing and wish him a speedy and successfully recovery, and get him back on track’ . A few other things were said and that was it. Of course I won’t reveal his name out of courtesy to him and the WWE. So, I will say here and now, ‘Thank you WWE for checking up on me'”

Regarding his health, Graham continues to deal with issues that he’s battled for a few years now. He made a post a few weeks back and titled it “Born To Die.”

“I have multiple heart and liver conditions that are leading me to a certain death. I won’t bore you with the medical details,” he wrote, linking to his GoFundMe campaign.

In this new Facebook entry from this week, Graham also wrote about managing WWE Hall of Famer Don “The Rock” Muraco. You can read the full post below: