Swerve Strickland Says His Feud With Hangman Page Brought Something Out Of Him

AEW star Swerve Strickland recently appeared on an episode of the In the Kliq podcast, where he talked about a number of topics including how his feud with “Hangman” Adam Page brought something out of Page and how it shows the influence he has on Page and the influence he has on the product itself.

Strickland said, “It’s not what Hangman has brought out of me, it’s what I brought out of Hangman. This man has completely changed and altered in a lot of ways, and it shows the influence I have on Hangman.”

“It shows my influence that I have on the product itself, it was two men that nobody expected to cross paths in the way that we did, and we exceeded expectations for our performances and what we delivered in the ring.”

You can check out the complete podcast in the video below.