Tama Tonga Talks About Kenny Omega ‘Going Rogue’ With The Elite and More

Tama Tonga was recently interviewed by New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) to discuss several professional wrestling topics. Here are the highlights:

Why The Elite and Bullet Club split: It just felt like the Elite group was building something on their own. We were here in Japan on every single tour doing what we had to do, and they were going rogue, and just doing whatever the hell they wanted to do. Enough was enough.

His DQs during the 2018 G1 getting negative feedback: There was a lot of press around me, is how I hear that. I took it back to where we were at the start. Then it was all about getting heat. I’m an artist in that regard. I decided I’m going to go out there and make heat art.

His initial thoughts on Jay White joining the group: At first, I wasn’t sure. Not right away. I will make do, and adapt with every situation. So when Jay came in, I thought ‘OK, let’s make it work, let’s see’, but I didn’t know yet how good he’d be as a frontman.

Thoughts on Kenta: We were looking for him to bring the fire he had before. We expected him to bring that fire, and to build on it. He’s found himself again. We’ve given him the platform to find himself again. We don’t want him to be the badass he was ten years ago, we want him to be a badass in this world right now. And he’s got that fire, man.